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Stone Brewing reportedly lays off 75 employees


  UPDATE: Stone’s Official Statement is here. This is a developing story, but it sounds like Stone Brewing has laid off “dozens” of employees. Stone recently celebrated its 20th Anniversary and has yet to follow the route of so many breweries that have been bought out by larger breweries or …

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Texas church says craft beer is the devil


  I’ve heard craft beer called many things. Well, a church in Texas has decided that craft beer is the devil and, in true counter-fashion, a craft taproom has offered $1 off every beer for every print out of the ad that is brought in. From Imperial Taproom’s Facebook Page: …

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New Video on the Startup and Culture of Wander Brewing


  Wander Brewing has taken Bellingham, the region and the nation by storm since they opened in the spring of 2014. Since then Chad and Colleen have offered not only incredible beer, but a place where our community can create culture and connectivity. Checkout their new video that was put together …

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2016 GABF Roundup, winners from WA & B’ham

Photo © Brewers Association

  In its 30th year of competition (35th year of the festival), the 2016 Great American Beer Festival (GABF) awarded 286 medals to some of the best commercial breweries in the U.S., plus three GABF Pro-Am medals to teams of amateur homebrewers paired with professionals. In a ceremony on Oct. 8 at the …

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Tap Roundup – 10/10


Our email list is the first to hear about new local brewery openings, breaking news, exclusive email list gear deals & general craft greatness. Infrequent, not annoying, always full of beer. Sign up here. Pint Points Chuckanut Brewery won Gold for their Helles and Kulshan Brewing won Silver for their Gose at …

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North Fork Brewing’s Fresh Hop Harvest Ale


  As we approach the end of Fresh Hop beer season, we get to make another trip out Mt. Baker Highway, and make a left hand turn between mile markers 20 & 21, and stop once again at our favorite little Brewery, Pizzeria, Beer Shrine and Wedding Chapel, the North …

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Wander Brewing’s Cascade Coolship Fresh Hop Ale


  As we continue through Fresh Hop season, we are starting to see some of the different results being obtained by our local breweries. Today we visit one of Wander Brewing’s Fresh hop beers, Cascade Coolship. We’ve discussed the classic Cascade hop before, as it’s one of the most common …

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Bellingham’s Best Beertender – Quarterfinals


  Tap Trail, you showed up in force for the nomination round of Bellingham’s Best Beertender! And after a week of voting and drinking you have narrowed down the field of Bellingham’s Best Beertender to the following eight beertenders! You have 7 days to go drink from each of these beertenders …

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New beer is more than just organic

Image courtesy of HUB

  Beer uses water. Dependent on what beer you’re brewing it can use lots of it. But, comparatively, beer uses much less water than many other drinks, including wine and juices. But at 2 gallons of water per ounce, a 16oz beer still uses 32 gallons of water per pint. …

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Tap Roundup – 9/30


Our email list is the first to hear about new local brewery openings, breaking news, exclusive email list gear deals & general craft greatness. Infrequent, not annoying, always full of beer. Sign up here. Pint Points Structures Brewing’s new hours start tomorrow, Oct. 1st We’re holding our earth shattering Bellingham’s Best Beertender …

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Kulshan Brewing’s Fresh Hop Pale


  “ It’s the most wonderful time of the year”, for PNW hopheads, that old chestnut doesn’t apply to the Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah matrix in December, it refers to now. The hop harvest season is slowing down, and the fresh hop beers are coming in fast and heavy. I’ll be trying to …

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Scientists propose radical new brewing method


  Any self respecting beer lover has at least peered through brewpub windows at the stainless hardware in the brewery, where the magic (blood, sweat, and tears) happens.  Most of us have set foot in a real brewery to dream about what goes on inside those shiny vessels.  Some of …

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AB InBev gets the green light to acquire SABMiller

AB InBev

A couple weeks ago, while enjoying a pint at a brewery in a small town in Oregon, I overheard a beer distributor talking about all the recent mergers and acquisitions. He had a curiously simplistic take on it all: “Beer will always be in demand. The logo on the side of the truck …

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Aslan Brewing’s Azacca Fresh Hop


  One of the nicest things about being a beer lover in the PNW is the fact that our region grows the majority of American grown hops, upwards of 70% by some reports. The Yakima valley is home to much of the commercial acreage used by hop farmers, and there …

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Do you like Pumpkin Beers?


  Potentially the most loved and hated beer style is pumpkin. Recently the American Home Brewers Association released “An Open Letter to Pumpkin Beer Haters.” The author remained anonymous for fear of his safety. Advocates of his safety. The author ponders the existential conflict: Am I fooling myself on the …

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Tap Roundup – 9/22


Pint Points Bellingham Beer Week came to end, but you can still grab a limited edition t-shirt from Wander Brewing, Kulshan, Kulshan’s K2, The Local and Elizabeth Station. Word on the street is that Aslan picked up a couple of Foeder’s for their newly expanded brewhouse Aslan and Structures are …

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Gruff Brewing’s The Racket Wish Rock


  Bellingham Beer Week may be over for another 50 weeks, but tasty treats from BBW ‘16 remain to be captured in the wild. A certain large Seattle brewery made a BBW beer that has to see the light of day outside their tasting room. Wander and Kulshan teamed up …

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