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Whatcom Women in Beer


  Whatcom Women in Beer is a coalition of females from various breweries in Whatcom county. WWiB has a goal of helping women who are interested in the beer industry, in whatever role interests them, gain the education and opportunities needed to pursue their dreams. The beer industry has many facets, but there …

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Atwood Ales releases first draft only beer


  Atwood Ales has been kicking out some great bottles in it’s brief existence. It’s true farm style brewery has given our area a truly unique brewery that we should be proud of. As they grow they broadening their offerings and have just released their very first draft only beer! This …

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Beer Review #51 — Off Color Barrel Aged Dino Smores


Off Color has been cranking out delicious and off kilter beers for what seems like quite a while now. Everything from their delicious flagship farmhouse Apex Predator, to their famed Dino Smores Imperial Stout. Their reaches are far and their competencies are many. If you’ll recall, we quite liked the …

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Wander Brewing’s Foeder WƎN


  Once again winemaking equipment pops up in the beer world, this time right in the name of one of Wander Brewing’s latest releases, Foeder WƎN. Pronounced Food-er, a foeder is a large wooden vat that is used to age beer. You are probably familiar with barrel-aged beers, where brewers …

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Bellingham Beer in Denver at the Great American Beer Festival


  Check out Bellingham’s finest breweries as they visit the Crafty Fox in Denver on October 7th from 4:00 PM – close! Drink beer and win prizes! Joining Denver’s own Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project and Jackson Hole, Wyoming’s Melvin Brewing will be 10 featured taps from Bellingham’s Aslan Brewing Company, …

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Tap Roundup – 9/12


Pint Points The brand new Tap Trail map hit streets last week. Go grab one and start collecting your stamps to get one of our brand new prizes, including our brewery branded leather coasters! Structures Brewing will change to their winter hours on 10/1 Bellingham Beer Week kicked off and we’re hearing …

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Structures Brewing – Blackberry Rubus


  While only about 9 months old, Bellingham’s Structures Brewing is proving to be very prolific, cranking out new beers on what seems like a weekly, if not even more frequent, basis. From coffee Stouts, to Porters, to CDAs, to saisons, and to what seems to be turning into their …

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On the sour ale surge

Lambic refermenting and conditioning in bottles.

I’ve been thinking a lot about sour ales lately. Not only because I love to drink them and I love to make them (I currently have 8 different batches of sour ale fermenting right now), but because they’re exploding in popularity. Every time I visit Elizabeth Station, I find at …

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Boundary Bay Brewery’s Citraweisse

citraweisse3-01 (1)

  One of the defining features of the American Craft Beer scene these last 20+ years has been brewers willing to color outside the lines. Sometimes, they barely stay on the page, random mixtures of pigmentation everywhere, seemingly a blur. For example, the current hot trend of American Orange Ales. …

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Tap Roundup – 9/2


Pint Points The Green Frog is hosting a couple of awesome Bellingham Beer Week events including a showcase of the best breweries from The Gorge area AND a showcase of breweries from Skagit County. Wander and Melvin Brewing are teaming up for a secret Popup Fest for Bellingham Beer Week. …

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Melvin + Wander Brewing Team up for Bellingham Beer Week


  In case you hadn’t heard, Melvin Brewing, is coming to Bellingham. Yeah, it’s kinda a big deal. They’re opening a brewery in the Fountain District. We’ve been in touch with Melvin Brewing’s Jeremy Tofte over the past several months. The brewery is not even in town and they are …

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Women in Craft Beer: Mari Kemper


Photo of Mari Kemper courtesy of Northwest Beer Guide. Women have been a part of beer’s history from the very beginning. In fact, it was women who were the first to brew, the first to introduce hops to the process, and were the sole driving force behind the creation of …

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Atwood Ales Kettle One Blonde

Atwood Kettle One Blonde

  Not all sour beers are created equally. Literally. The traditional way of the Belgian brewers was to leave the wort in avessel that was wide and shallow, in a room with windows open to the elements. The natural yeasts and bacterias in the air would “infect” the wort. After …

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Beer Review #50 — Two Beers Fresh Hop IPA (2016)


Welcome again to another Tap Trail review installment. It would appear imminent that Fresh Hop Season is upon us. The hops are being harvested and dumped into brews left and right. However, the first package on the scene this year comes from Two Beers. They are usually the first to …

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Tap Roundup – 8/25


Pint Points Lagunitas Brewing is opening in Seattle WA. Bellingham Beer Week events are stacking up with some pretty unique events and the new shirts just launched, so be sure to get yours! Bellingham’s newest brewery, Gruff Brewing, continues to release new beers, with another this week (see below.) Owner …

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Lagunitas Brewing Coming to Seattle


  Tony Magee, Owner of Lagunitas Brewing out of Petaluma, has been trying to expand his brewery’s reach into communities across the US. They recently announced plans to move into the Northwest and Chicago. They plan to move into communities by using existing taprooms and closing brewery equipment. Following suit with …

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Bellingham Brewed Reviews – North Fork DooLittle Sour

13920730_1189785771041876_2804441327268004752_n (1)

  One of the growing trends in the American craft brewing scene the last few years has been the emergence of “sour” beers. This is a very broad term, and covers a lot of territory. A lot of the use of souring “bugs” such as Brettanomyces (of which there are …

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U Keg Growler Raises the Bar and $1.55million


  Tap Trail’s affinity for gadgets has brought you a long line of cool beer geeky things that are either potentially useless, or, if you’re lucky, might even be a value added to your craft beer affinities. We’ve introduced you to a number of cool growlers over the past couple …

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[Infographic] Who owns the world’s beer


With the merger of AB InBev and SAB Miller, the total number of global breweries dropped from six to five. Five brewing companies control nearly all of the world’s beer. The graphic is not comprehensive (a list of more purchases is here), especially in the craft department. It doesn’t show …

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