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Tap Trail Craft Beer News

There aren’t enough breweries


  Tap Trail has been pretty extensive in it’s coverage of where the craft beer market is going. This year’s craft beer market growth is still amazing, but the near exponential upwards curve has flattened a bit. With the local craft beer market still growing in Bellingham, we felt this …

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Bellingham Brewed Reviews – Gruff Brewing Belgian Blonde


The Belgian Blonde Ale generally tastes like it has its roots reaching far back into history. Surprisingly, it has a development that only dates circa World War Two, and was intended to appeal to Pilsener drinkers, who had grown fond of the lighter beers. The popularity of the style continues …

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Boundary Bay Scotch Ale Onion Soup

Boundary Bay French Onion

  On a cold dreary day, a bowl of French Onion Soup can seem like a ray of sunshine in the abyss. There’s the toasty cheese on top, delicious caramelized onions, buttery garlic croutons, and rich, hot broth that’s certain to chase the chill away. But it’s August, you say, …

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Bellingham Brewed Reviews – Wander + Kulshan Raspberry Lager


  A combined effort from two of Bellingham’s busiest breweries, Wander and Kulshan, has spawned a light, refreshing beer for the upcoming Bellingham Beer Week that pays tribute to Whatcom County’s important raspberry crop. With over 8,500 acres of red raspberries, spread among about 100 farms, Whatcom County produces over …

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Tap Trail Presents the 5th Annual Bellingham Beer Week

13686565_2073977152826446_3294512914576389993_n (2)

  Press Release (Bellingham, WA) – The 5th Annual Bellingham Beer Week (BBW) runs from Sept. 9th – 18th. The event celebrates Bellingham’s exploding craft beer culture. Tap Trail, a craft beer media company, recently acquired BBW. The event is 10 days of craft beer appreciation in what has been called …

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5Point Film Festival and Sierra Nevada Brewing Return to Bellingham

5Point-PickfordSlide-1 (2)

  The 5Point Film Festival will bring its unique film festival back to Bellingham, August 25th-28th. The festival has teamed up with Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in a partnership that combines Bellingham’s favorite combo: Beer and the Outdoors. The festival is a 3 day celebration of adventure films, art and community. …

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Gruff Brewing is Open

Photo by Damian Vines Photography

  The article’s title has been changed to reflect that Terry, in fact, did not review the beers below. The numbers associated with the beers are, as he says, ABV. Terry’s Rating graphic has been moved so it’s less confusing. Editorial regrets the confusion. Reviews of Gruff’s beers will be …

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Tap Roundup – 8/12

Menace Brewing

Pint Points Tap Trail there’s another brewery coming your way! Menace Brewing is set to open in early/late fall of this year, right on Meridian St, near the Fountain District. We’ll have details and a story coming soon! Menace will give you 11 breweries to choose from (2 Kulshans), after Gruff …

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Bellingham Brewed Reviews – Aslan Brewing’s I am Gruit!


  You’re most likely unfamiliar with the Gruit (rhymes with “root”) style. I only have had limited dealings with it myself. So, let’s take a look at what we have in front of us. Gruit is an old style of beer dating back to the 1100’s, and perhaps even farther, that was popular …

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Bellingham’s 2016 Best IPAs


  Tap Trail! You came out in droves to vote for Bellingham’s 2016 Best IPA in our online poll. Every single brewery on the Tap Trail made a good showing, but the Top Three showcased the roots of your taste. Bellingham’s diverse IPA offerings are a symptom of a national …

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Bellingham Brewed Reviews – Structures Empress Double IPA


  Welcome to Bellingham Brewed Reviews, where we review ONLY beers brewed in Bellingham. Opinions held here are not necessarily those of Tap Trail. There’s a new type of beer that you may have encountered lately. Generally, they come with the term “IPA” as a style descriptor, but look nothing like …

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Wander and Kulshan Collaboration Celebrates Bellingham Beer Week


  Bellingham’s brewers are putting out more and more product and the community keeps drinking. Each brewery has its own unique style and ambiance. So its a pretty special occasion when two of them decide to collaborate and create together. Dave Vitt, owner of Kulshan Brewing and Chad Kuehl, owner of …

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Brewers Corner – Sordid Tales Of A Bastard Brewer


  “Brewers Corner” is an opportunity for Bellingham’s brewers to write about anything they damn well please. They can rant about the industry, wax poetic on an obscure brewing topic, or just write about their favorite beer stuff. As you might expect, views expressed here are not necessarily those of Tap …

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Tap Roundup – 8/5

Gruff Brewing

Pint Points You’ve heard it here first folks! Gruff Brewing will be open by Bellingham Beer Week. I’ve spoken with Chris at Gruff and they are planning BBW Events. Gruff will also be on the new Tap Trail Passport, along with a handful of new stops, to move the total number …

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The venerable IPA


Yesterday was “IPA Day,” a special day that was created in 2011 to celebrate the India pale ale through social media (#IPAday) and various events. With the popularity of IPA these days, some joke that every day is IPA Day. Even though I appreciate and enjoy drinking all styles of …

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Brats and Beer


  “Tap & Table” is our ode on the glory of food and beer, written by our resident foodie, C. Yellow Robe. Sometimes Yellow Robe cooks with beer. Sometimes he’s pairing with beer. But there’s always food! Stick around and you’re bound to get some great culinary ideas, recipes and craft beer suggestions. August. …

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Bellingham Brewed Reviews – Boundary Bay Galaxy Single Hop


  Welcome to Bellingham Brewed Reviews, where we review ONLY beers brewed in Bellingham. Opinions held here are not necessarily those of Tap Trail. On a similar theme as our most recent review, today we are visiting another Single Hop brew. The soon-to-be 21 year old Boundary Bay Brewery has …

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What’s your favorite Tap Trail IPA?


  IPAs have been a huge part of craft beer’s boom. Their diverse flavor and aromatic properties make hops a favorite of many craft beer drinkers (just remember that glassware might matter!). The preeminent day to celebrate this beloved style IPA Day on August 4th. To celebrate, we want to know …

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Terry Urbanik to lead Bellingham Brewed Reviews

Tap Trail Logo

  Tap Trail is starting a new column. Something we’ve been meaning to do from some time, but….life. We wanted to review beers, but ONLY Bellingham brewed beers. We also wanted to have a writer in charge of that with an experienced palate and knowledge of the craft beer world. …

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