Bellingham Ranked as Snobbiest Beer City in US


Bellingham has some world class breweries. There are more breweries being built here than, arguably, any city in Washington State. Soon we’ll have double the breweries per capita of Seattle, WA. The options available to us are quite impressive and this doesn’t even include the amazing diverse selection that’s about to be available to us in the coming months. Those amazing breweries also give rise to some incredible tap houses. We have the breadth and selection of Elizabeth Station and the unique music inspired taps of Green Frog. Bellingham’s beer is an incubator of culture. Art, music, discussion, community and so much more are cultivated at our taphouses and breweries. Bellingham continues to receive accolades for not only it beer, but for the community that it inspires and lives within it. We live in a heck of a city.

Now Bellingham has another title to add: “Snobbiest Beer City in America.” The folks over at Priceonomics, found that 92% of bars in Bellingham do not serve either Bud Light, Coors Light or Miller Light. They say this lack of macro-inspired tap selection gives us this title.

Are we snobby? Are we discerning? Tell us what you think over in our online forum.

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  1. I say BELLINGHAM folks have better tastes when it come to their beers. DOWN with the water-downed beer…if it’s even worth calling a beer. MICRO/CRAFT beer is the way to go.

  2. It’s not snobbiness – it’s good economics. If people don’t drink that crap swill-water, why use up bar space and tap space to serve it? Rather, provide taps that people want to drink. If you dedicate one of your taps to “Bud Light” you might as well just close the tap down. Or put a sign on it saying “Piss on tap.” See how well that sells.

  3. I love this article. I sent it to my Canadian colleagues just to let them know why I have such a Beer-Attitude. I’m Canadian too, but I love to rub it in with my friends up there who have there own biased Beer-Attitude.

    • LOL, I do the same with my buddies back on the east coast.They actually called me a snob about a year ago….LOL, my reply was simple….”for beer, ya sure, you betcha!”

  4. When people start to write tasting notes which sound as if they are describing Chateau Lafitte, it shows they have lost the plot.

  5. I think Bellinghamsters are DISCERNING …ok SNOBS is you like, but we can all tell a GOOD THING when it happens!

  6. I think the first brew pub I ever frequented in Bellingham was over 20 years ago. It was Archer’s Ale House located in historic Fairhaven, sometimes referred to as South Bellingham. It was very unique and ahead of its time, but better yet, it’s still in operation. Congratulations to one and all.

  7. Before moving to The ‘Ham I drank Budweiser faithfully.Being from NJ, it was a staple growing up.Got here in 2001 and since 2002, I haven’t touched a Bud or anything else other than local beers.I even go up to the North Fork on Baker Hwy to get me some good suds.And there may be some asshats in Bellingham but not when it comes to brewski.


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