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Menace Brewing American Wheat

Greene’s Corner

Oh, how I love me some fragrant and brilliant American wheat ale. Been missing this kind of stuff since the Dude Man at another famous B’ham brewery stopped production. Enter our friends at Menace Brewing!

Menace Brewing’s American Wheat is beautifully brilliant and golden, made with 50% each wheat and pilsner malts. Ah, the smell of wheat malt free of unnecessary complexity. There’s nothing quite like it…smells like summer! A Hallertauer hop variety does double duty bringing subtle earthy spice to the nose and just enough bitterness to stand up to the malts as it washes across the palate. It’s very drinkable, almost silky. A nice tight white wheat froth head tops this fresh 4.5% ABV pour.

The beauty of this beer lies in the simplicity of recipe. Ingredients are allowed to individually shine while also complementing each other. A beer like this allows the drinker to identify and appreciate the “craft” in craft beer. No muss, no fuss. My better half joined me on this beer review and she noticed I pretty much gulped it down. Suffice to say it’s “crushable.” You’ll probably need at least three.

If I were allowed one request it’d be just a touch more snap from the carbonation. Personal preference, maybe, as I can’t call this beer under carbonated. In the meantime I will happily help the folks at Menace blast through this batch. If you’re jonesing for sunshine, flip flops, and baseball weather this is all that in a glass. Go get yourself some and watch spring roll in!

About Bill Evans

Bill Evans
Dad, husband, optometrist, and professional home brewer. Mountain biking is his therapy and beer his elixir. He thinks everything is going to be ok.

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