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Pedal Party Northwest Hits the Streets of Bellingham

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Pedal Party Northwest ran their inaugural ride last Saturday. PPNW, is Bellingham’s first multi-person bike. There are seats for 16 and 10 chairs to pedal from. The “bike” is steered separately and if you don’t want to pedal you can sit in any of the non-pedaling chairs of the bench in the rear.

The Bellingham Tap Trail Team was invited along. Maybe you saw us rolling through town, down Railroad, to The Local, pulling up outside of Boundary Bay Brewing and Aslan Brewing. Amy and Tom Lawson, the owners of Pedal Party Northwest, were excited to get the bike out on the road for it’s first run.

It was a blast and here are our pictures from the ride along.

1st stop was The Local
Tap Trail Crew with Amy Lawson, owner of PPNW
Tap Trail Crew (and Sloan) with Amy Lawson, owner of PPNW
All the pedals!
2nd Stop Boundary Bay Brewing



If you sit on the bench you don’t have to pedal
Brian from Tap Trail
2nd Stop was Aslan Brewing


A little cornhole


Leaving Aslan


We found a Tap Trail fan on board!

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  1. This is fabiulous and my Wisconsiin family will participate when they come in August.

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