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What’s Your Favorite Bellingham Tap Trail Food Truck?

Greene’s Corner

We did you solid and put every single food truck that frequents a Tap Trail brewery (that we know of!) into one, beautifully simple calendar. Heading to the brewery and want to know who’s slanging food? Look no further, than here. Food trucks and craft beer have developed a pretty symbiotic relationship in this town and in others. It seems many of the new Bellingham breweries (all of them?) will focus solely on beer production and leave food to the trucks.

So, we want to know, “What is your favorite Tap Trail food truck?”

About Scott Pelton

Scott Pelton
I'm Co-Owner of Bellingham Tap Trail, the Sales & Marketing Guru and the Editor of the Tap Trail Website. Let's have a pint! Email me at

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  1. How long are you going to be taking the poll?

  2. I want to vote for Simmering Tava (at K2 two days a week) but they’re not on your list. 🙁

  3. Hi Scott,

    Just wanted to compliment you on this very awesome effort. Also, we are also vending at K2 on Mondays and Wander on Wednesdays. I would love to get on your list.

    Best regards,


  4. i love the calendar that shows the foodtrucks schedule. i would love if the link were on your homepage. it seems now that i will have to hunt for the contest article to hit the hotlink to the calendar within the article?

    • Hi Tricia!
      As we start to expand our reach in the craft beer world, we’ve gone ahead and created a specific tab on the top of the site for Bellingham. Hover over that bad boy and you’ll find the food truck calendar ready for your click!
      -Tap Trail Brian.

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