Asheville Van Life Rally

The 5Point Film Festival will bring its unique film festival back to Bellingham, August 25th-28th. The festival has teamed up with Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in a partnership that combines Bellingham’s favorite combo: Beer and the Outdoors.

The festival is a 3 day celebration of adventure films, art and community. They will have a series of events ranging from film premieres, yoga, a mountain bike race, youth events, a kickoff event at the Mount Baker Theatre and the crowd favorite, the Van Life Rally.

There’s been a growing part of the US that have moved to van life. The Van Life Rally celebrates the adventure seeking side of this culture. These converted adventure-mobiles don’t just transport adventure seekers to the mountains and beyond, they have been uniquely converted to support a van life of sleeping, comfort and simplicity, but with an outdoor twist. Make sure to check it out!

On August 25th Brendan Leonard will be giving a talk on his new book Sixty Meters to Anywhere at Backcountry Essentials (BCE) on Holly St. BCE is well known for its great craft beer selection, so be sure to grab a few cans or bottles on the way out.

Many of these events will be accompanied by Sierra Nevada’s fine beers. Unbeknownst to many, the Mount Baker Theatre has five taps and Sierra will be pouring for the kickoff on Friday, August 26th.homepage2

I met up with one of the 5Point organizers a few months back at Kulshan’s K2 Brewery and she’s very excited about the outdoor culture in Bellingham. She knows 5Point can help share the numerous outdoor stories their films curate and they are always happy to accompany it with beer. She’s seen what 5Point can do in the other city’s the traveling festival visits. Every year the festival puts together films that meet their 5 points.

Bellingham embraces the outdoors with the same level of love and culture that they embrace their craft beer. Make sure to buy tickets to the two film showings before they run out. Checkout their calendar of events here. This is an event for outdoor and beer lovers and we hope to see you there!