We are excited to announce that Bellingham Tap Trail, and our Taps, Caps and Corks LLC, is being purchased by Anheuser Busch. This is a move that will be nothing but good for Bellingham’s craft beer scene!

Three months ago AB InBev reached out to us and offered to purchase our company. Andy Goeler, the head of Anheuser’s craft beer branch gave us an offer we couldn’t refuse and we’ve been planning the transition since. Andy told us they had plans to move into the brewery tourism sector for years and have similar purchases in the works in other states.

Brian Seales, Creative Director of Bellingham Tap Trail, said, “This is a pretty exciting move for Bellingham Tap Trail and the local craft beer scene. With AB behind us Bellingham’s craft beer scene will be amplified that much more. We’re excited to be apart of the AB InBev family.”

“Bellingham Tap Trail and the surrounding craft beer community is so strong here that making this move couldn’t have been a better decision for us, BTT and the Bellingham community,” says Goeler.

Goeler plans to use Bellingham Tap Trail as a bridge to the local craft beer community. In the coming years that bridge will “provide a means to expand the reach of AB InBev deep into the PNW.” AB recently made strides into the Pacific Northwest’s craft beer market with their purchases of Seattle’s Elysian Brewing and Bend’s 10 Barrel Brewing.

Goeler also said that there are no plans to change the look, messaging or mission of Bellingham Tap Trail.

Nope! Bellingham Tap Trail will continue to operate as a separate entity. Same employees and mission. BTT will continue to introduce the region and the rest of the nation to Bellingham’s burgeoning craft beer community. The only difference is that now they’ll have the backing of AB InBev.”

Bellingham Tap Trail is very excited about the coming years and our new partnership. We’ll still be Bellingham’s beer media company, providing awesome beer news, commentary and an amazing beer map. But now we’ll have the backing and support of the world’s largest beer company!

Happy April Fool’s Day!