In December 2016 Amazon announced plans to open its first Amazon Go store in Seattle by early 2017. That’s kinda now. Amazon Go is a market where customers can walk in, scan their phone, shop for what they want and walk out. No registers. No cashiers. No lines. Looks pretty sweet actually! Also, it sounds like the growing trend of automated taps, where you can buy beer from a computer as opposed to a beertender.

Well, what do you do if you want beer? Apparently, they want to sell it because they just applied for a liquor license, according to ReCode.

How do you stop an unruly 15 year old from waltzing in, scanning their card and grabbing, Dionysus forbid, a 30 bomber of Busch Light? The only way Amazon has found around this – and the only way the law will allow it – is to have someone checking IDs.

So Amazon Go will have an employee in its cashier-less business to accommodate 30 bomb theft.