Josh Smith of Atwood Ales continues to release a wide variety of unique offerings. Josh and Monica are in the midst of a remodel of expansion of their farmhouse brewery. We’re excited to see what comes next!

From the press release

La Frite ABV 8.6%
Potato Saison 750ml Bottle Conditioned & Limited Draft
Pairings: substantial salads, poultry, richer seafood dishes; very nice with bloomy-rind soft cheeses

A strong saison brewed with 40lbs of estate grown potatoes. This beer has a bready malt foundation, crisp effervescence, and spicy, earthy yeast character. While they don’t add much in the flavor department, the potatoes do act as a source of simple sugar, lightening the body of the beer and making it drink lighter than the 8.6%ABV that it is. Brewed with 100% Skagit Valley Malt.

Triticale ABV 7.5%
Brett Saison 750ml Bottle Conditioned
Pairings: grilled meats and vegetables; fish tacos; instantly classic with funky, soft cheeses; fresh figs

Brewed with a large percentage of malted wheat-rye hybrid grain called, Triticale, as well as malted wheat and barley. Triticale adds some earthy spice to this beer’s flavor profile and complements the spicy, fruity character obtained from the mixed culture fermentation of of Saccharomyces and Brettanomyces yeasts. This beer has thus far been bottle conditioning for 4 months, and will continue to evolve over time, with further enhanced, mild funky, barnyard character with notes of tropical and stone fruit. A great introduction to Brett beers, particularly for folks who are afraid of classic Brett descriptors like “horse blanket” and “ox urine!” Brewed with 100% estate grown, Tettnang hops and 100% Skagit Valley Malt.

Raccoon Bacchanal ABV 4.8%
Sour Ale w/ Grapes 750ml Bottle Conditioned
Pairings: salads w/ vinagrette, fried chicken, calamari, ceviche; goat & blue cheese; fruit compote, cheesecake, plum upside down cake

Many years, our small, grapes crop is decimated in a single night by a mysterious group of raccoons, who leave behind only muddy footprints on the grape trellises. This beer’s mild tartness is created by a blend of Lactobacillus bacteria cultured from yogurt, and the acidity, aromas and flavors will also continue to evolve over time due to the presence of wild yeast and bacteria from the grape skins. Dry hopping with Hallertau Blanc adds additional layers of white grape, gooseberry and mild tropical fruit to the aroma and flavor. Brewed with 100% Skagit Valley Malt.

Pain d’Epices ABV 8.5%
Spiced Winter Ale 500ml Bottle Conditioned
Pairings: nutty, creamy cheeses (like Havarti); gingerbread

Our strong, dark, and spiced winter ale is inspired not only by Belgian brewing tradition, but also by the flavors of some classic holiday baked goods. The rich, toasty, malt flavors of this ale are balanced by firm bitterness, notes of citrus and dark fruits, familiar holiday spices, and alcohol warmth. Our winter ale is the perfect complement to a roaring fire.