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Creative Director for the Bellingham Tap Trail, it's no surprise that Brian loves beer. Want to grab a pint or talk about the map? Shoot him a message at brian@taptrail.com

Don’s Non-Alcoholic beer is Aslan’s Unsung Hero.

Imagine a life without beer Being part of the Tap Trail provides me with a great opportunity to try amazing beers inside and outside of Bellingham, and while having this access to amazing beers has definitely spoiled me and my palette, a recent event in my family made me realize just [...]

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Seattle Company Has a Handle on Craft Beer

One step... ...into the 2nd floor entrance, just off the corner of Pike Street and 4th Avenue in Seattle, and you'll be instantly greeted with high ceilings covering wood clad partitions, amazing artwork (of all kinds) and small pockets of employees engaging in energetic conversation between two ping pong tables and [...]

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Now at the Kulshans (James Street & K2)

Look through the awesome collection of apparel at either Kulshan Brewing location and you'll find some amazing throwback graphics,  mountain related designs, and now our limited edition "Biker" T-shirt.   Kulshan has been a great supporter of the Tap Trail since day one and having our shirt join their collection is [...]

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(IPA) Instantly Popular Ale – Your Local Selection

You don't have to leave Bellingham to get your IPA fix on this fine holiday (National IPA Day). We have 8 amazing local IPA's right in our own backyard. So,.. what is an IPA? Kulshan Brewery summarized it nicely. "India Pale Ale was originally an English style of beer, popularized in [...]

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