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Creative Director for the Bellingham Tap Trail, it's no surprise that Brian loves beer. Want to grab a pint or talk about the map? Shoot him a message at brian@taptrail.com

Seattle Company Has a Handle on Craft Beer

One step... ...into the 2nd floor entrance, just off the corner of Pike Street and 4th Avenue in Seattle, and you'll be instantly greeted with high ceilings covering wood clad partitions, amazing artwork (of all kinds) and small pockets of employees engaging in energetic conversation between two ping pong tables and [...]


Finally. Now we never have to buy expensive craft beer again!

This new product hit kickstarter recently and promises to provide the ability to turn any cheap beer into a "...flavorful, well-balanced, craft beer." Apparently, all you need to do is add a couple drops of this miracle potion to any low priced beer brand and get a high-priced return. Now you [...]


What many do for their 21st birthday, this couple did for their 21st anniversary.

I love being part of the Tap Trail.   In addition to the fringe benefits of getting to know all of the brewery and tap house folks, I get to hear stories like this from Michelle and John Smith, who decided that tackling the BTT passport was both a way to enjoy the [...]


Craft Beer invades Lynden. Dancing still prohibited.

I loved the movie Footloose. The original 1984 version, not the half-assed reproduction from 2011. The scene where Ren taps, slides and gyrates all over the warehouse is both inspiring and jaw-dropping and you can't help but want to kick over some scaffolding and shake your hips 'til they hurt. Not sure [...]


Coming January 2016 – Structures Brewing

Another Brewery coming to Downtown Bellingham! Just announced recently (We're still gathering the details), Structures Brewing will be opening its doors around January 2016. Preliminary reports say this fine brewery will be located somewhere on State street, but we're not going to say exactly where until we get confirmation. We'll let [...]


“This is going to be an adventure!”

A great story from the trail.  This one is from Trista Moreno and her friend Shelly. Good luck on the trail!  We're all cheering for you and we're sure we'll cross paths at some point.   We're planning on doing the Magnolia Trail on Wednesday and even though you've hit some [...]