Neal Tognazzini

About Neal Tognazzini

Neal splits his life between the classroom and the taproom. He has a PhD in philosophy and is an associate professor up at Western, where he teaches courses on ethics and critical thinking, but he is also a homebrewer, BJCP National beer judge, and Certified Cicerone®. When he’s not teaching, brewing, or judging, he’s probably discussing princesses and unicorns with his 6-year-old daughter. You can contact him at

Off-Trail Gems

  We truly live amidst an embarrassment of zymurgical riches, with over 20 imbibing locations listed on the Tap Trail map. But maps can never include everything, and while the locations listed on the Tap Trail map are certainly the brightest stars of the Bellingham beer universe, there are plenty of [...]


Beyond “Hoppy”: Describing the Flavor Range of American IPAs

  We tend to think of hops as one of the four essential ingredients in beer. But that just shows how modern we are: although people have been drinking beer for at least 5000 years, hops have only been a crucial part of the recipe since sometime in the 14th or [...]


Brewery Building Backstories: Fairhaven Stones Throw

This is the second installment in our series on the history behind the local brewery buildings. What story do these buildings tell? Why did these brewers choose them as the location for their own stories? Previously we learned about Bellingham’s flagship brewery, Boundary Bay. Today we head south along the bay [...]


5 things every beer lover should know about Oktoberfest

  Chances are good you know at least something about Oktoberfest. Even the most buzzed among us would be able to deduce that it’s some sort of German party, and of course everyone knows that its mascot is someone raising a liter-sized stein of lager, wearing either a dirndl dress or [...]