Nine days of Bellingham Beer Week starts on Friday, April 21st. Seems like a lot of days, doesn’t it? When you take a look at the Bellingham Beer Week events calendar, you might rethink that. There are more than 50 events spread across 9 days. Even with a well planned itinerary, a place to stay and a crew of friends, you’re unlikely to make all of the events. Also, a reminder that BBW should be explored safely, so please use a designated driver, our local taxis, or get an Uber. You’re going to make a lot of new friends these next nine days, so let’s get started!

Grab the Official Guide Book of Bellingham Beer Week 2017 in tomorrow’s Cascadia Weekly. If you’re rolling into town on Friday, keep an eye out for the Weekly. Its everywhere! If they’re all gone, check the breweries and beer bars there should be stacks of them. Slip the guide into your back pocket, right alongside your Tap Trail Passport, and head out. Head to a BBW17 event, grab a pint, ask for a stamp and start 9 days of beer.

Wear your support for BBW17 with an official t-shirt. Stop by either of the two Kulshan Brewery locations, Aslan Brewery, Wander Brewery, Boundary Bay Brewery, Stones Throw Brewery or Elizabeth Station. While there, pick up the new Tap Trail Passport and start collecting stamps. Those stamps get you awesome things like our collectible leather coasters, silipints, key chains and event a shirt that shows you completed the whole Tap Trail.


April 21st, 4pm is the official BBW17 Kickoff at The Local on Railroad Avenue. We’ll be raffling off BBW shirts and Cap Maps, courtesy of Hoppis Real Estate. All three BBW17 collaboration beers and special releases will be on tap. Remaining taps will be taken by local brews.

BBW Weekend Events

From there, safely make your way over to Kulshan Brewing Company’s K2 location for the Beer Olympics by 6pm. There you will be able to watch 20 teams compete in 10 crazy events for bragging rights, medals, t-shirts, beer specials and more. There will also be spectator games!

By this time, you’ll need some food. Our Food Truck Calendar is the spot to go. Roll by one of these wheeled culinary contraptions and refuel. You can roll by Wander Brewing, grab one of their collaboration beers with Melvin Brewing and Elizabeth Station. Snag a gyro and a basket of fries from the folks at Streatfood. Looking for a sitdown dinner? Head to Ciao Thyme for the Wander Beer Dinner! Wander owners Chad and Colleen Kuehl will be there to talk about their beer and you’ll get some of the best food around from Ciao Thyme. Make sure to prepay for tickets!

April 22nd is Earth Day and in Bellingham it’s a pretty darn big deal. Boundary Bay and Aslan Brewing have teamed up for Beers & Gears. They’ll be swapping their beers to each other’s breweries via bike to encourage car free transportation. The grand prize drawing is held 7pm at Bayou on Bay. There will be Earth Day celebrations at both Fairhaven Stones Throw Brewery, where you can plant hops and a joint Aslan & Boundary event on Railroad, all day.

Sunday begins your third day of Bellingham Beer Week 2017. Sunday is full of events, but spend your morning checking out Bellingham’s awesome breakfast scene. Bike to Homeskillet early enough to grab a seat, then peddle to Boundary Bay Brewery to experience their Cedar Dust Alley event. They’re turning their alley into a mountain bike playground that will include a skills course. Continue on your bike towards Boulevard Park via the interurban trail. It’s a beautiful ride! Make your way to Fairhaven Stones Throw for the release of  Big Boots Brew Day. The beer was brewed exclusively by a number of women in Bellingham’s craft beer community. Stick around Fairhaven for the celebration of the annual Dirty Dan Harris Days!

BBW Weekday Events

Monday has rolled around and it’s not a good time to be leaving! There’s much more to do. Over the next 6 days there are enough events to keep you busy during your stay. Monday Joe Wiebe, author of “Craft Beer Revolution“, kicks off three days of the Chuckanut Brewery lecture series. McKay’s Taphouse has events every single night, so be sure to take a look at the calendar.

Tuesday, April 25th, things heat up with the Beer Market Sweep at the Community Food Coop on Forest St. There will be limited space to view this event. But 8-10 members of Bellingham’s craft beer community race through the beer aisle in search of the best beers. Need some more fine dining? Rock & Rye on State St has a 5 course pairing dinner with Pfriem Brewing. Josh Pfriem, owner of Pfriem Brewing, used to work at Chuckanut Brewery, so this is a great way to celebrate all things Bellingham.

Whatcom Symphony Orchestra members

By this time, you’ve probably gotten quite a few stamps on your Tap Trail Passport. You can redeem them for prizes at three locations. Grab another map and keep on stamping because Wednesday – Friday is a whirlwind tour! Checkout the tasting panel at Fairhaven Stones Throw Brew, or try put a twist in things and listen to players from the Whatcom Symphony Orchestra at Chuckanut Brewery!

On Thursday, head to Whole Foods Market on Lakeway for the Tap Trail Challenge! Test everything you’ve learned about Bellingham beer by blind tasting beer from our local breweries. Guess the brewery and the beer and you’ll win prizes! Friday at Elizabeth Station, you can checkout their BBW Finale with Firestone Walker. Stop by Kulshan’s K2 location for their annual Pop Up Sip & Shop. There will be a DJ to listen to as you shop through local wares and crafts, while you sip fine craft beers.

Saturday is the last day of Bellingham Beer Week. Get up early and head to Aslan Brewing for some Beer & Yoga at 9:30am. Tickets available here. The big finale is April Brews Day! ABD is an amazing brewery festival with 70 breweries located on Railroad, right across from Boundary Bay Brewery. If you don’t have tickets, make sure to get them now!

Thank you for celebrating Bellingham craft beer with us and we look forward to BBW18! If you want to learn more about Bellingham’s craft beer community read this!