Fort George Brewery and Public House, Astoria, Oregon

As the weather continues to cool and nights become longer and darker, I am often leaning towards darker and darker beers to match the season. I have however still had an unrelenting thirst for hops, which is fine, because there are still delicious, fresh, new(ish), IPA’s being released left and right. My go-to winter IPA remains Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, and it probably always will, there are just too many memories garnered from that beer alone, among other attributes.

Todays beer is from one of my newly favorite northwest breweries, I have enjoyed pretty much everything in their portfolio, and they seem to do a lot of things quite well. Fort George has a simple but effective mission and job

Everything we do comes back to making beer and better beer drinking. That is why we insist on providing great food to complement your beer and excellent hospitality that enhances the experience. The brew and pub staff have one singular mission and that is to constantly improve every variable that might get us another step closer to perfection. It is a goal Sisyphus could appreciate, even if he didn’t have as much fun working toward it. It is also why we like to call Fort George Beer the best beer you’ve had today. Tomorrow it will be better.


What we’ve got from them today is a festive Winter IPA called Magnanimous, brewed in collaboration with Earth & Sky Farm in Oregon City, OR. Brewed with Simcoe and Chinook Hops, as well as loads of Grand Fir Tips. It promises to be “a noble blend of lush piney hops and fresh evergreen aroma.” Let’s jump in and see.

Brewery — Fort George Brewery & Public House / Astoria, OR

Beer — Magnanimous IPA

ABV — 7%

Price / Availability — $2.99 / Limited (Seasonal)

16oz matte aluminum can with a fir king and a hop queen adorning it, sweet looking can as always from Ft. George.

Appearance (3.75/5) — Pours out of the can with a bright pale golden hue into the tulip glass. There is a billowy white head that forms, but it fades into a thin capsule atop the beer and leaves behind just fair enough lacing.

Aroma (4.25/5) — Smell is strongly focused on a piney and herbaceous character. I get notes of spruce, thyme, lemon, sage, and hops. Quite earthy and herbal, not sweet, this smells like walking through a forest with notes of pine and earth.

Taste (4/5) — Tastes much like the nose, with more notes of thyme, lemon, pine, slightly herbaceous. I haven’t stuck my face in a fir tree recently, but this seems like its right up that alleyway. Super fresh, pungent, bitter, dry, astringent, and lightly sticky.

Mouthfeel (3.75/5) — Medium bodied, slightly lingering finish. Crisp and clean enough.

Overall (4/5) — Great overall, a nice piney and herbaceous treat.

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving all!