I wanted to step outside of the box a little bit here and review a non packaged beer, get a little bit more local with the review process. Structures has just opened and I was as excited as anyone to try their beers. I have bumped into James and Ryan at the Station a few times over the past year, they have always been calm and laid back, but very clearly focused on the brewery. I couldn’t be happier for the two of them. They have a tremendous background in brewing, and appear to have one of the best laid plans I have seen in a while. Let’s see how their beer stacks up, shall we?


Brewery — Structures, State Street, Bellingham, WA

Beer — Citra Pale Ale

ABV — 4.6%

Served On-Tap in a stemmed 16oz goblet (Pictured on the Right)

Appearance (4.25/5) — Pours a light pale lemony yellow hue, almost with a tinge of green to it around the edges. There is a large billowy white head that sits atop the beer, looks almost meringue like. There is some moderate lacing left behind with each sip, the foam tries to cling to the inside of the glass, but the overall glass shape isn’t highly conducive to lacing. That’s alright though, this is still a nice looking beer and is presented very well.

Smell (4.25/5) — Aromas are complex and fruity, juicy, bright, and refreshing. I get notes of fresh lemon custard, light doughy pie crust, tart lime zest. There is a little bit of a fresh squeezed orange juice note here as well. Some light melon components come through, cantaloupe, fresh cut honeydew. This is really fresh, bright, vibrant. No real bitterness or astringency here, though it is not sweet either, really well balanced.

Taste (4.25/5) — The flavor profile is much like the nose. Bringing light melon notes initially, then developing into a lemon custard like almost tart sweetness. I get some lime zest, some tropical fruit tones, overall mildly sweet. Super refreshing and bright with no real assertive bitterness, everything is balanced and harmonious. Must use loads of finishing hops, there is no harsh bitterness that is sometimes found in pales.

Mouthfeel (4.25/5) — Overall the beer is light-medium bodied, it has a creamy texture to it and still remains effervescent. Really smooth and enjoyable.

Overall (4.25/5) — Fantastic overall, really fresh, vibrant, bright, harmonious pale. I grabbed a 32oz growler to go, and will be back for more.

Keep up the good work, I’ll be back soon!