Welcome back beer geeks. I wanted to spring for something a bit unorthodox this week. We’re still firmly planted in Stout season, and there have been many killer beers in that category but I wanted to go down a different path.

What we’ve got here is an Omnipollo beer brewed domestically at Crazy Mountain in Edwards, CO. I’ve been to Crazy Mountain a number of times, but not really since they’ve gained statewide distribution and started brewing for Omnipollo. I used to stop in with my dad after golf trips in the Rocky Mountain high country near Eagle and Vail. They’ve always made solid, quite strong, but well balanced and composed beers. I remember thoroughly enjoying their fresh hop beer Sticky Fingers, it was so resinous, fresh, and dank I just wanted more and more.

It was a bit bizarre to see them team up with Omnipollo, but I understand that Crazy Mountain has recently moved into a pretty stellar 50 barrel system near the heart of downtown Denver, increasing their capacity by 800%. It was the former home of Breckenridge Brewery, which has moved onto dollar hued green pastures thanks to their sale to ABInbev for ~$70M, $10M more than Elysian sold for. The brewery was sold turn key to Crazy Mountain, the first real sale of its kind. I think its rather fitting that a brewery that embraces crazy so much would be a major benefactor of the transactions. Part of the costs incurred in the new brewery are being recouped by contract brewing beers for Omnipollo and Stillwater, which brings us this gem Abrahadabra.

Described by Omnipollo founder Henok Fentie, Abrahadabra is an exploration “…in (beer) texture. It has become an obsession. Abrahadabra is a smoothie inspired IPA aimed at bringing a creamy yet dry texture. Brewed with oats, wheat, lactose sugar, berries and citra hops.”


Brewery: Omnipollo — Stockholm, Sweden — Brewed at Crazy Mountain, Denver, CO

Beer: Abrahadabra — India Pale Ale

ABV / IBU: 6.0% / ?

Cost: $9.99 / 22 oz ($5.49 / 12 oz)

Availability: Limited (Brewed Once)


Appearance (2/3) — Pours a cloudy but not totally opaque lemony yellow tinged body of beer. There is a quickly forming nearly pure white colored head that forms on top and leaves behind minimalist patches of lace / rings of foam around the inside of the glass. Not the most appealing beer ever, but not off putting. Not what I imagine when I think of “milkshake beer” but thats okay.

Aroma (8/12) — Smell is quite strong and complex, with focused notes of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries. Melded with some chewy and oat like cereal graininess. A bit of a mellow and light sweetness from the vanilla is apparent, but not overly so.

Taste (15/20) — A nicely tangy hop character makes an appearance initially, with tart notes of lime, lemon, raspberry, strawberry, light melon, not sour, just a nice tanginess. As it warms each sip reveals a bit more flavor, ranging from Cheerios with strawberry milk to a semi-sweet Madagascar vanilla bean sweetness. A nice balance of fresh hops, fresh berries, and a mildly sweet lactose and vanilla finish.

Mouthfeel (4/5) — Medium bodied, a lingering sweetness and a subtly warming finish, very smooth and rich, a little bit heavier than standard, but not in a bad way.

Overall (8/10) — A very interesting take on the standard IPA, a really juicy, tangy, fruity rendition, with a mellow balancing rounding sweetness. Nicely done Omnipollo & Crazy Mountain. A nice reminder beer to step out of the comfort zone of IPA and Stout, and explore something a little unorthodox.