Welcome back all you Tap Trail trekkers, ale admirers, IPA initiates, and Saison scourers. We’ve got a fun one for you today from the new guys on the block, State Street, that is. Structures has consistently released a nice array of beers since their inception late last year. They have enjoyed success in Seattle at taphouses such as Chucks and Brouwers. Locally, they have started sending kegs to Elizabeth Station, enabling more folks to try their beers, without having to go to the brewery, which now does accept plastic! The quality and selection of beer in Bellingham continues to grow daily, so many beers, so little time.

What we’ve got today is a Saison to celebrate Mother’s Day, I See You is brewed with Honeygold Grapefruit (juice & zest), as well as a hint of Hibiscus.

Promising to be light, zesty, floral, and balanced, let’s see for ourselves.

Brewery — Structures, State Street, Bellingham, Washington

Beer — I See You, Saison with Grapefruit & Hibiscus

ABV — 6.2%

Price — $6, 10 ounce @ Elizabeth Station

Appearance (3/3) — Pours with a glowing orangey, pinkish, reddish, hazy hue to it. A stark white head forms and sits on top, leaving behind spots of sticky and clingy lace down along the inside of the glass with each sip. A very unique looking beer, it is very inviting and intriguing, just asking you to take a sip.

Aroma (9/12) — First things first, lets dive in with the nose. A nice bouquet (no pun intended), of aromas greets you immediately. I get big doses of fresh flowers and a light yeastiness. A hit of citrus comes in waves as well, some tangy lemon, orange, grapefruit. Smell is a bit pithy and reminds me of smelling my fingers after peeling a citrus fruit, slightly oily. On the end I get a real nice dry yeast character with just a hint of funk and white pepper.

Flavor (16/20) — A really interesting depth of flavors here, everything acts harmoniously, the Grapefruit does not dominate, and if anything serves as a subtle layer on-top of the peppery and yeasty Saison base. Starts with a zesty hint of Grapefruit, a bit juicy and tangy. Mid palate is highlighted by the pleasant clean Sasion foundation. On the finish, the floral Hibiscus makes an appearance, leaving a semi-sweet, lightly oily end note that is very well done.

Mouthfeel (4/5) — Quite bubbly, almost Champagne like, but not quite full bore. Just a nice bit of bubbles to balance everything out and meld things together. A nice dry finish that cleans the palate.

Overall (8/10) — Very well done, a nice showcase in restraint, the additions are well made and not overdone, everything is balanced and compliments each other in many ways. Looking forward to more in the future. Maybe as soon as this week.