It’s here, Founders Brewing has officially launched in Washington state! The core beers have been out for about two weeks now, and the specialty beers are just now starting to reach the market, move quickly because they likely won’t last too long. Perhaps the most famed Founders beer is what we’ve got in front of us today. Founders Breakfast Stout has long been heralded as one of the most unique and delicious beers around. Brewed with loads of dark malt, flaked oats, copious amounts bitter and imported chocolates, and a double dose of coffees from Kona and Sumatra, making for a true breakfast beverage in a glass.

With the unique liquid inside comes an equally ubiquitous and recognizable label sporting a baby presumably enjoying breakfast. This label made a short retirement, but fortunately came back to its former glory and appears set to stick around for good this time.

Beer — Breakfast Stout

Brewery — Founders (Grand Rapids, MI)

ABV | IBU — 8.3% | 60

$ | Oz. — $3 / 12 oz

Availability — Limited (Specialty / Seasonal)

Appearance (3/3) — Pours a deep ruby black hue out of the 12 oz bottle into the tulip glass. The beer is very dark but not completely opaque. Head is tall initially, but fades to a thin mocha colored cap of foam, leaving behind a nice bit of lacing throughout the sample.

Aroma (10/12) — Woah chocolate, hello coffee, good morning! Smells very strongly of fudge and freshly brewed coffee. As it sits, notes of warm espresso and dark bitter chocolates come through in waves. Comes across quite sweet, though not artificially so, there is also an abundance of coffee and mocha aromas to reign in the cocoa notes.

Flavor (17/20) — Adamantly more bitter than the nose would have you believe, dark roasted coffee, bitter espresso and chocolate, some chicory as well. Very dark and roasted overall, whatever sweetness there was on the nose is dominated by a much drier and enjoyably bitter body. I like my coffee black, so I am very very intrigued how nice and dry the flavor is, minimal lingering sweetness is quite enjoyable.

Mouthfeel (5/5) — Medium-Full body, carbonation tends towards the high side, quite crisp, not as boozy or syrupy as one might expect. I enjoy the high level of drinkability. Some sweeter stouts weigh me down, but this one showcases great balance.

Overall (8/10) — Wonderful brew here, lots of flavors come through, chocolate, coffee and bitterness abound. Very good beer, and very very happy to see it available locally.


Founders core beers (Centennial IPA, Azacca IPA, All Day IPA, Porter, Scotch, Rubaeus) are available locally at most accounts, the specialty offerings like Breakfast Stout will be available locally at select accounts. Word is that Founders is only sending one shipment of Breakfast Stout out to us so if you see it, grab it, cheers!

Elizabeth Station is happy to host Founders at tonight’s Welcome to Washington party, 11 Founders beers will be on tap, including Breakfast Stout, specialty bottles will also be available for sale starting at 5 PM, swing in and say hello and enjoy a pint or two.