Happy Tuesday folks, we’ve got something a bit different today, a somewhat obscure style. Roggenbier is a traditional German style beer brewed with a very heavy portion of Rye in the malt bill and a strong yeast profile to balance the spicy rye.

Pelican is nestled in Pacific City, OR in a rather beautiful location. Founded over ten years ago in 2006 Pelican has been churning out classic Northwest beers ever since. They have recently gone through a subtle rebrand, one that I think is for the better, the brand looks much more cohesive and recognizable now.

Image courtesy of prweb.com

Image courtesy of oregoncraftbeer.org

It is always important to stay relevant and create unique and identifiable branding. The new look for Pelican seems a bit more timeless and classic than their previous renditions, I think it will have better longevity and not need another refresh for quite some time.

Enough about the outside of the package and the brand, lets see what this obscure Roggenbier is all about.

Brewery — Pelican (Pacific City, OR)

Beer — Hurdy Gurdy (Roggenbier)

ABV | IBU — 4.8% | 15

Cost | Size — $4.99 | 22 oz @ Elizabeth Station 

Availability — Limited (Seasonal | Spring)


[2|3] — A light golden hue into the class with some turbidity and slight haze around the edges. A tall and effervescent stark white head forms on top and leaves behind some consistent and appealing looking lacing down the inside of the glass.

Aroma [8|12] — Spicy and estery, banana, clove, rye bread. Citrusy, lemony, some slightly grassy and earthy hops as well.

Flavor [14|20] — Grainy and slightly spicy rye character initially, not unlike rye toast or pumpernickel. Low bitterness but a not so subtle weizen yeast character brings notes of banana, clove, and white pepper. Finishes with a slightly tangy and minimally tart lemon note that is pleasant and refreshing.

Mouthfeel [4|5] — Light bodied with high carbonation and a clean finish.

Overall [7|10] — Nice overall, a real refreshing and slightly spicy treat. Not unsimilar to a spicy and hoppy German hefeweizen.