Happy Monday! We’ve got a freshly released hoppy treat to sample today. Fort George has long been a staple in my fridge, their Three Way IPA is always a treat, Suicide Squeeze is one of their rotating IPA releases, along with Magnanimous, Overdub, and Fresh IPA. These beers are always heavily hoppy, unfiltered, fresh, and delicious. Unfortunately there are some peaks and valleys in their distribution, meaning that it comes in waves, and often goes away quicker than any of us would like. All that means it to enjoy it while you can!

Suicide Squeeze Special Edition is special in a couple of ways. In 2014 this beer was launched as a Session IPA in collaboration with Seattle’s Suicide Squeeze record label. However the past couple of years this beer has been beefed up to a 7.2% ABV IPA. The recipe was tweaked with big additions of Mosaic, Amarillo and Citra hops. Perhaps the most special edition feature of this can is the artwork, the color changing artwork. Designed to look like a 7″ vinyl this colorful label changes colors with temperature swings, the snake on the label is dead and dull when the can is warm, but becomes a vibrant bright green when cold.

I am no fan of gimmicky beer, meaning that certain breweries cold lined cans, color changing mountains, donut beers, and sriracha beers usually don’t tick my boxes or get me to reach for them on the shelf, quite the opposite actually. Thankfully Fort George has always put beer first, and gimmicks second. I struggle to call this beer gimmicky because it is just a damn fine IPA, but I can see how some may find the can a bit peculiar. Let’s stop thinking about the exterior and dive into the contents of this shapeshifting color bending can.

Brewery — Fort George (Astoria | OR)

Beer — Suicide Squeeze *Special Edition (American IPA)

ABV | IBU — 7.2% | N/A

Price | Oz — $2.99 | 16 @ Elizabeth Station

Availability — Limited (Seasonal)

Appearance (3|3) — Pours a nice golden hue not too unlike the can color. A nice off-white head sits on top and leaves behind nice bits of lacing. Some sediment is found at the bottom of the can and can be roused up for a bit more hoppy yeasty goodness, if one prefers that route like I do sometimes.

Aroma (8|10) — Punchy bright and hop forward. Grassy and citrusy notes take center stage with grapefruit, lemongrass, tangerine and pine characteristics.

Flavor (17|20) — Solid citrusy and piney notes, a sturdy malt base enables strongly pungent hop flavors to come to the front and not overpower. Lots of grassy, citrus, pine, grapefruit and flowery hop notes to love here.

Mouthfeel (4|5) — Ample carbonation leads to a great finish and excellent drinkability and refreshment.

Overall (8|10) — A great hoppy treat, just as expected. Not quite as complex or unique as Magnanimous is, but this one doesn’t use grand fir tips. This is just a solid flippin IPA and I for one wish it was available more than just seasonally, but alas, enjoy while you can, cheers!