Insert face palm. Craft beer has combined some interesting flavors and tastes over the years. It has inspired many a business and gadgets. A company in Germany, BierYoga, has started that combines two of our generations favorite hipster things: Beer and Yoga.

According to its website, the idea is a

marriage of two great loves—beer and yoga. Both are centuries-old therapies for mind, body and soul. The exuberance that the drinking of beer brings with it and the body consciousness of yoga can be combined into an energizing experience. In Beer and Now. Bottom up!

Apparently, the founders of the BierYoga saw it first done at Burning Man and decided to create their own business out of it. The company is promoting its classes in Australia.

So what do you call an experienced ‘beeryoga’ person? Cicerone? Yogi? Yogerone? I’m also interested in what type of beer they drink? Are they doing downward dog with an imperial stout? These answers and many more are truly up in the air.

To learn more about them, head here.