Last year, Tap Trail took over Bellingham Beer Week. It was a grand affair. But we’ve set our sights high and intend to make it bigger, better an beer-ier. We want to knock on the regional doors of the Pacific Northwest, and beyond, and say, “Hey, Bellingham’s craft beer rolls with the best of them!”

Our team met with Bellingham’s craft beer community last week. We discussed collaboration beers, dates, communications, expectations and basically how to organize and amplify this event.

16143182_1241715912532173_5008645421992300733_nThe 2017 Bellingham Beer Week will happen on April 21st and run through April 29th. “Why in the heck did you move it to April?!”, you may ask. Friends, this is the best of all worlds. April is a season that works best for our craft beer community. The closer you move it to summer, the more complex everyone’s schedules become with festivals and events. Not to mention, we want to drive people to Bellingham during spring. Bellingham is in spring is a beautiful thing! Let’s show them what we’ve got. BBW is about showcasing not just our craft beer community, but our community as a whole. With so much to do in this town, we want to bring it all together. There’s also a number of events that will meld well with it.

  • Earth Day is on April 22nd. I can’t say enough about what this event means to Bellingham. Celebrating da’ earf is what we do. And there are few better ways to do it than through beer!
  • Dirty Dan Days on April 23rd celebrates in Fairhaven is near Stones Throw Brewing.
  • BBW will culminate on April Brews Day, a huge and awesome brewery festival, which drops in on April 29th. Folks, the beer FLOWETH. Get ready because we’re teaming up with them to create some goodness

We’ve also been in touch with our surrounding region’s beer festivals, including Victoria Beer Week, Vancouver Beer Week and the newly formed BC Ale Trail. Seattle Beer Week falls on May 4th and rolls through the 14th. We’ll be nicely sandwiched between all of them. Creating a regional force of collaborative-craft-beer-nature with all of them is high on our list.

We’re also instituting a “wild west” philosophy to BBW collaboration beers. There will be no official Bellingham Beer Week beer. BUT, we’re going to do you one better. Any brewery that wants to brew up a BBW beer that “reflects Bellingham’s craft beer community”, or collaborate with others, can do so. That means you’re going to get multiple Bellingham Beer Week beers. We’ve talked with our beer bars and expect a day or two of Locals Only, where only our local beers will be on draft. Out of towners, you’ll want to head there to get the full scope of our suds. We’re working closely with our hotel partners again and those coming from out of town will be sleeping in the best of sheets. More on this in a bit.

The details of events, beers, t-shirts schwag and the rest are currently still brewing so stay tuned to Tap Trail and the BBW website for more details. Follow Tap Trail here and BBW here.

BBW 2017 is going to raise the bar. Get ready for over a week of beer and, as we say, “Come for the beer, stay for the beer.”


Bellingham is one of the hottest craft beer towns in the US. Our breweries are legion with 10 breweries in Bellingham. We’re a bayside city of 80,000, which puts our brewery per capita number near the top. Our breweries have won awards at the international, national and state level. There’s another few breweries just outside our city limits. Our beer bars work with distributors to provide a world class selection of bottles and draft. Elizabeth Station provides over 1,000 beers and a litany of curated taps. McKay’s has over 50 taps and endless brewery nights.

Bellingham Beer Week is owned by Tap Trail, one of the region’s top craft beer media companies. We print a biannual Passport & Map and give you prizes for drinking beer. Our brand new 2017 Spring/Summer Map & Passport hits streets on St. Patrick’s Day. We have 22 locations between breweries and beer bars.

Want to get involved in BBW 2017 as a sponsor, advertiser, or create something special with us? Drop me an email at