,h_642,w_605,x_0,y_0/c_limit,w_640/v1435010083/wba_007_bw_acwige.jpgDay’yum Bellingham! Every year Bellingham brings it at the Washingon Beer Awards. We continue to show that we have one of the highest concentrations of award winning beer in the region. As impressive is that we do it across broad style categories. From lagers, to sours, to barrel aged, porters, stouts and beyond.

But the this year was their best performance yet, when they brought home 17 medals between Aslan Brewing, Boundary Bay Brewery, Chuckanut Brewery, Kulshan Brewing, Fairhaven Stones Throw Brewery and Wander Brewing. This is the most medals Bellingham has brought home since last year’s WABA, when we brought home 13 and our most ever from a single competition.

Beer Notes

  • Bellingham won 17 medals, which is bigger than last year’s WABA medal count and our largest count ever.
  • There were 194 medals awarded at this year’s Washington State Beer Awards
  • Bellingham accounted for 9% of all medals awarded at this year’s WABA
  • Chuckanut Brewery won Large Brewery of the year and 9 total medals
  • Between the North American Beer Awards earlier this month and the Washington Beer Awards, Chuckanut has pulled in 15 medals
  • Fairhaven Stones Throw entered their first competition and won their first award.
  • Bellingham won gold (Kulshan Premium) and silver (Stones Throw Raincountry Lager) in the American Lager category.
  • Wander’s Wildwarehouse continued it’s multi-year dominance in the Barrel Aged category with another gold.
  • Full list of winners here.

Medal Breakdown

American-Style Stouts

Bronze: American Stout

Other Light and Amber Lagers

Bronze: Classic Light Lager

Sour Beers

Gold: Neighborhood Watch (Collaboration w/ Gruff Brewing)Large Brewery of the Year – Winner

English Ales

Silver: Chuckanut British IPA

American Wheat Beers

Gold: Chuckanut American Wheat

Other German Amber Beers

Gold: Chuckanut Alt

German-Style Kölsch

Silver: Chuckanut Kolsch Style

Strong Lagers

Silver: Chuckanut Dopplebock

German Dark Lagers

Bronze: Chuckanut Dunkel

Vienna-Style Lagers

Silver: Chuckanut Vienna Lager

Bohemian-Style Pilsners

Gold: Chuckanut Pilsner

American-Style Lagers

Gold: Premium Lager

Brown Porters

Silver: Transporter

German Sour Beers

Silver: Gose

American-Style Lagers

Silver: Raincountry Liquid Sunshine Lager

Irish Stouts

Gold: Correspondent

Wood & Barrel Aged Beers

Gold: Wild Warehouse