Bellingham on Track to Have Double the Breweries Per Capita of Seattle

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Bellingham is on track to have 12 breweries by somewhere around February 2016. We have a population of 80,000. That means we’ll have 1 brewery for every 6,700 people.

  1. Aslan Brewing Company
  2. Boundary Bay Brewing
  3. Chuckanut Brewing
  4. Gruff Brewing – (Summer 2015)
  5. Kulshan Brewing
  6. Kulshan Brewing #2 (K2) – (June 2015)
  7. Menace Brewing
  8. North Fork Beer Shrine
  9. Stones Throw Brewing – (Summer 2015)
  10. Structures Brewing Company – (January 2016)
  11. Subdued Brewing – (Spring 2016)
  12. Wander Brewing Company

According to BeerAdvocate, Seattle has ~50 breweries. Seattle has a population of 650,000. Let’s assume they add 7 more breweries in the same time frame, which means they’ll have ~57 breweries and 1 brewery for every ~11,500 people. Assume they add 15 breweries and they are at 10,000 per capita. Bellingham will then have nearly double the breweries per capita of Seattle.

Bend has a population of 80,000 and 19 breweries and is considered the Brewery Per Capita Capitol of the US. They have 1 brewery for every 4,200 people (80,000 / 19). Bellingham, we’re closing in!

There are 3,500 breweries in the US and 2,000 in planning.

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