Bellingham has many auspicious titles, including being the snobbiest beer city in the US. We wear these titles with happiness, and maybe even a tad bit of concern. Regardless, we wear them. There are so many different lists, awards and things these days, but some of them stick out.

So, when we found out that Bellingham was ranked by Trulia as the 4th most hungover city in the US, Tap Trail once again, thought long and hard about the title. Should we be proud of this? Should we add this to our list of being the snobbiest beer city in America? Combining our previous accolades with this new list, we are snobby, but, apparently, can’t hold our alcohol. We drink too much good “snobby beer”? That’s weird.

But there you have it Bellingham, you have been ranked with the best of the best (is that the case here?!) hungover cities in US. Please, continue to be you. Drink more beer, but try not to be hungover in 2017, please? Here’s the list:


Methodology: Yelp data was gathered on drinking establishments, firecracker stores, party supply stores and party equipment rental stores. Additionally, the percent of each metro’s population made up of people ages 18 through 34 was calculated using census data and the percent of each metro’s population who reported binge drinking was pulled from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Each metro was then ranked on each of these categories and an overall rank was derived from these rankings. – See more at: