The Bellingham Tap Trail has been receiving all sorts of love from all over. Everyone from locals to folks far away have completed the full Passport, or part of it, and received their prize. Regardless if the map gets completed, one thing is clear, Tap Trailers are loving what they are doing. Here’s some quotes from those that completed the Winter Tap Trail.

It was fun! Made it to places that I would’ve never stopped at before. -Linda, Sumas, WA

Those that completed the Trail are enjoying the prizes and happy they did it.

Months of hard work paid off! Great time! – James, Bellingham, WA

We are also seeing people celebrating on the Tap Trail.

Great for a birthday celebration! Thanks! – Perry, Seattle, WA

The Winter map inspired creativity as well. A fan from Anacortes drew us this.

Bellingham Tap Trail

from Carla’s Funky Art out of Anacortes


This season’s map is bigger than ever. Finish all 16 locations and you can get a BTT SiliPint. Just hear for a few days, see if you can complete 8 and redeem a bottle cap opener.




Locals love the Tap Trail. We have so many more emails, tweets and comments from fans and it’s a great to see the Bellingham Tap Trail appreciated from all over the US, including places like Louisiana, New York City, Minnesota, North Dakota. To the north we have many fans in British Columbia. People are coming from all over. They are staying in our hotels and getting to know our breweries, local businesses and culture.

We’re excited for what’s coming this summer. More beer, more festivals and more adventures. Stay tuned!