With St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th, we want to give you a few stout beer options, other then Guinness, that are available on the Tap Trail.  We all know you’ll be stopping by Uisce Irish Pub for a proper St. Patrick’s Day celebration, but try these out as well.

As Aaron from the Copper Hog reminded me an Irish Stout, is very different from other stout styles. This list includes both stout ales and imperial stouts. They are not the same, but hey, it’s almost St. Patty’s, so who’s keeping track!? The list isn’t exhaustive, so tell us who we missed!

Be sure to head to our Beer Events page to see what’s going on for St. Patty’s and the days before and after.

Kulshan Brewing Company

Shuksan Russian Imperial Stout

I have a bottle of this aging in my collection. Every pint I’ve had of it at the brewery since has only made me more excited about seeing how it has changed once I’m ready to pop it open.


Boundary Bay Brewery

Dry Irish Stout

I can drink these back to back. I love this stout. Boundary’s Irish Stout even managed to push me out of my “hop head” years, away from IPAs, and towards the broad expanse of the malty beers the world has to offer. It’ll change your perspective…as if you needed that on St. Patty’s Day.

Wander Brewing Company

Correspondent Extra Stout

Not an Imperial Stout, but a higher gravity than an average stout. This is really enjoyable with any of the great food carts they have parked there.

Chuckanut Brewery

Stout Ale

Assuming there is any left (they tell me it will be replaced by the Dunkel) you’ve got to give this stout a go. Mostly known for their impeccable lagers, don’t forget that the folks at Chuckanut make amazing beers, no matter the style. This stout is another fine example.

Aslan Brewing


Aslan, has a big list of beers ready for you to try. This stout shouldn’t be ignored.

McKay’s Tap House

Old Rasputin

The Bar Manager, Dave, says they’ll have about 4-5 different stouts on tap. I’m a fan of the well known Old Rasputin. It’s a perennial winner and if you haven’t had it yet, you’ve got to try it!

Archer Ale House

Murphy’s Stout

I was just gifted one of these. I’m looking forward to cracking it open. I’m often drawn to it over a Guinness.