Tap Trail, you showed up in force for the nomination round of Bellingham’s Best Beertender! And after a week of voting and drinking you have narrowed down the field of Bellingham’s Best Beertender to the following eight beertenders!

You have 7 days to go drink from each of these beertenders and decide who’s the best of the bunch. Read a bit about them, see when they work and go grab a pint. Lastly, vote for them at the bottom of the page.

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We think you should put your beertender through some tests while ordering a beer. Ask them about styles, their history in craft beer and what their favorite beers are and why. Lastly…

…Tip well!

Hope Collins

Hope Collins

Wander Brewing Company

Hope is the reigning 2015 Beertending Champ. After last year’s win she’s been living the good life as Bellingham’s Best Beertender. Just look at her. She’s on a damn thrown of beer and hops whilst holding a trophy!

What I truly love about the craft beer industry is the constant change. From meeting new people and making connections to going out and trying different beers, there is always something new to experience. Especially here in Bellingham.

Wednesday 3-9, Thursday 3-9,Friday 3-10, Saturday 12-5, and again Wednesday 3-9[/one_half_last] [divider style=”solid” top=”5″ bottom=”5″]


Angie Tullis

Kulshan Brewing Company

I’ve been a Bellingham beertender since 2008. The best part of my job is making people’s day with a nicely poured beer and a smile!

Wed @ K2 – 5 – Close
Thursday @ K2 – 5 – Close
Friday @ James St –  Morning – 5[/one_half_last]
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Kiersten Umbinetti-Hutton

The Local Public House

Kiersten Umbinetti-Hutton aka Beer Goddess is the woman with the snarky wit and blue hair you’ll often see behind the bar at The Local/Annex. Her hobbies include drinking beer, reading about beer, talking about beer, and cuddling with her dogs.

Wednesday: 5pm-12am
Thursday: 5pm-9pm
Friday: 3pm-9pm
Tuesday: 5pm-12am [/one_half_last] [divider style=”solid” top=”5″ bottom=”5″]


Lesley Anker

Overflow Taps

I started out knowing nothing about this crazy beer world until I started at Overflow Taps and got completely sucked into it! The communities you become a part of, the friends you make, and the passion we all share for craft beer makes this one of the best journeys, and jobs, there is!

Thursday – 5 – Close
Friday – 5 – Close
Sunday- 11 – 5
Tuesday – 3 – Close [/one_half_last]

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Liisa Gilbertson

Kulshan Brewing

I love cats, burritos, beer and bringing smiles and laughter to everyone around me. In the words of Viv Savage of Spinal Tap, “Have a good time all the time. That is my philosophy.”

Wed @ James – 5-cl

Thurs @ James – 11-5
Friday @ K2 – 5-close[/one_half_last] [divider style=”solid” top=”5″ bottom=”5″]


Major Sturm

Aslan Brewing Company

A performer at heart, Major treats his time behind the bar as he does when he’s on stage. With a big smile and willingness to educate, Major’s energy rubs off on the entire restaurant while he leaves nary a patron thirsty.

Thursday 10/6 5PM – Close
Friday 10/7 5PM – Close
Saturday 10/8 5PM – Close
Sunday 10/9 4PM – Close
Wednesday 10/12 9:30AM – 5PM[/one_half_last]
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Monica Smith

Maggie’s Pub

A born and raised in Bellingham beertender.  You may know me from back in the day as a server around this beer-forsaken town, but these days know me as your friendly, Maggie’s Pub beertender, and also as Lady Atwood (my husbands name for me) working alongside my husband at Atwood Ales as the sales and marketing director.

Sundays, Mondays, Tuesday’s and Fridays!![/one_half_last] [divider style=”solid” top=”5″ bottom=”5″]


Spencer Ebel

Chuckanut Brewing Company

Call me Spencie! If you’ve ever made the trip down to the Nut for a world class German style brew, I’m sure I’ve poured you a beer and had plenty to say about it. I’ve been proudly pouring and drinking beer here for over 4 years. My time with Chuckanut has taught me so much about quality beer and the brewing industry. I can’t imagine a better community to be a part of.

Monday @ South Nut – 3-7
Wednesday @ Belingham – Night

Friday+Saturday @ Bellingham – All Day[/one_half_last]

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Vote below, but first a BIG thanks to Skagit Valley College Brewing Academy and Hoppis Real Estate for their support of not only this event, but their continued involvement in our local craft beer community!

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