Craft beer has proven an affinity for an eclectic taste of beers – Whale testicles and deer semen beer come to mind. Brewers are pushing the boundaries of craft beer. On the consumer side, beer drinkers are demanding higher alcohol content. New research shows that worldwide there has been a 280% increase in beers brewed over 6.5%. In the US, there has been a 319% increase. High octane stuff there Tap Trailers!

So who in Bellingham is brewing the biggest beers? I reached out to all the brewers and owners and got the following stats. Here’s a list of Bellingham’s Biggest Beers!


Wander300#5 Wander Brewing

Well known for it’s Belgian style beers, but they also jump on the ABV bandwagon. They’ll be launching a 10.1% Bourbon Barrel Aged Emissary Imperial Stout that will be released on Bellingham Beer Week. But taking the Wander ABV crown is the Boot Toss Triple IPA at 10.3%. (Side Note: Shoe Toss Rye bottle release is tomorrow!)




 #4 Aslan Brewing

Washington’s only Organic brewery serves up a huge Mega Thrust Triple IPA and it comes in at 10.5%




Boundary Bay

#3 Boundary Bay Brewing

They brewed up an 11% Old Bounder Barley Wine that won a Silver Medal at the 2013 GABF. Old Bounder is a Barley Wine mainstay in this area. Needs to be tasted!




north-fork-brewery#2 North Fork Brewing

Head Brewer Eric Jorgenson brewed up a 13.5% Hair of the Frog Barley Wine a year ago and that annual brew usually comes in around 11-12.5%. He also let me know that he’s brewing up a Belgian style Dubble that is around 8.5%. Every six months he brews up a Barley Wine, so he’s getting 6 months of aging before the release.

kulshan#1 Kulshan Brewing

They take the yeast cake on this one. Owner Dave Vitt told me that they will be releasing a 15% Barley Wine called “Scarecrow” sometime this fall. It is has been aged for a year and a half. Apropos name for the release season and for the fact that that ABV should scare you!


But what is the world’s highest ABV beer? The title belongs to Snake Venom and it comes in at 67.5% Most whiskeys are at 40-50% ABV.