Bellingham is rich with breweries and tap houses. We also have a growing food truck scene. My unofficial count is somewhere around ~30 food trucks. Everything from ice cream, to BBQ, meat pies and pizza. Currently, only a fraction of these are being used at breweries. But there are more breweries on the way and from what we’ve learned, those breweries will rely on food trucks for food. That just means more food trucks will be used.

On any given day there are food trucks outside of Kulshan Brewing, Wander Brewing. For a twist, Schweinhaus Biergaten has it’s own in-house food truck. They grill up German sausages, schnitzel, pretzels and other Bavarian goods, to accompany their awesome tap list.

Kulshan’s new K2 Brewery will also be using food trucks instead of a kitchen for food. Goat Mountain Pizza will be back at breweries this spring with their amazing crust and unique topping selections. I was just informed they are getting a 2nd pizza truck. Even more pizza for you Tap Trailers!


Schweinhaus fans watching football [soccer] on the truck, that also serves up delicious eats. The newly renovated beer garden has a heated and covered structure not shown here.


Jack Pflueger, of Fairhaven Stones Throw Brewery, said that they will rely on food trucks as well. When the brewery is built the food trucks will pull up right into the driveway.


We also know that at least one of the two other known incoming breweries will be relying on food trucks as well. The Stranger recently did an article describing how Seattle’s booming food truck and brewery scene is helping to support both of these businesses and allowing them to thrive.

“I literally don’t know where my business would be without these locations,” says Jonny Silverberg, chef and owner of Napkin Friends (, a former FedEx truck that’s been serving latke press sandwiches for more than a year. Silverberg has been parking at Ballard’s Stoup Brewing (1108 NW 52nd Street, 457-5524, and Chuck’s Hop Shops for almost as long as the truck has been around.

“It’s a great relationship that works for both sides,” Silverberg continues. “They don’t have to serve food. People order our food, stay longer, and drink more beer.”

It’s no different in Bellingham. New breweries and tap houses considering coming into the market can rely on food trucks to supply delicious eats to their drinkers, as opposed to investing in the expensive “back of the house” wares such as ovens, hoods, sinks, stoves, etc. For those breweries that want to focus solely on beer, food trucks offer the ability to specialize.

Right now about 6 food trucks frequent Kulshan and Wander, but that is going to change soon. 2015 will be a great year for beer and food in Bellingham. More breweries mean more food trucks.

The following list covers only the food trucks going to breweries in Bellingham. Who’d we miss?

 Deli’cious Mischief



Sun – 10:00




StrEAT Food



Wed – 4:30

Thurs – 11:00

Sat – 11:00



 JT’s Smokin Barbecue



Tues – 11:00

Fri – 11:00

Hot Mess

Hot mess


Mon – 11:00

Wed – 11:00



 Highway 542-Go



Sat – 3:00 – 10:00

Diego’s Mexican Food Truck



Sun – 2:00

Fri – 5:00