If there are two things Bellingham has lots of [but not enough of!] it’s coffee and beer. We’re well aware that Bellingham is an elite craft beer destination. With world class beers and more breweries per capita than any of its neighbors, it ranks at the top of all craft beer lists. You might not know that Bellingham also ranks in the top 10 cities for coffee shops per capita.

Top 10 coffee-drinking cities in the U.S.

  1. Santa Monica, CA – 5.1 coffee shops per capita; 3.6 GA score
  2. Redmond, WA – 4.9 coffee shops per capita; 4.3 GA score
  3. Everett, WA – 4.5 coffee shops per capita; 3.9 GA score
  4. Medford, OR – 4.4 coffee shops per capita; 4 GA score
  5. Vancouver, WA – 4.2 coffee shops per capita; 4 GA score
  6. Sarasota, FL – 4.1 coffee shops per capita; 2.4 GA score
  7. Seattle, WA – 4.1 coffee shops per capita; 4.4 GA score
  8. Auburn, WA – 4 coffee shops per capita; 3.7 GA score
  9. Minneapolis, MN – 3.9 coffee shops per capita; 3.5 GA score
  10. Bellingham, WA – 3.9 coffee shops per capita; 4.2 GA score

Bellingham’s prodigious craft brewery presence has been well documented by Tap Trail. See the most recent study, here!

Top 10 breweries per capita cities in the US

  1. Boulder, CO – 13.3 breweries per capita
  2. Bend, OR – 11.6 breweries per capita
  3. Fort Collins, CO – 10.6 breweries per capita
  4. Asheville, NC – 8.8 breweries per capita
  5. Portand, ME – 6.8 breweries per capita
  6. Bellingham, WA – 6.6 breweries per capita
  7. Santa Rosa, CA – 6.0 breweries per capita
  8. Portland, OR – 5.5 breweries per capita
  9. Denver, CO – 5.0 breweries per capita
  10. Madison, WI – 4.8 breweries per capita

Wow. Bellingham, you and the lists just keep growing! We’ve got beer and coffee in plenty, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that the number of coffee and beer collaborations have been plentiful either! Here’s a list of all of Bellingham’s current selection of coffee inspired beers and the coffee roasters they partnered with.

Fairhaven Fix Coffee Lager

5.5%, 20IBUs, brewed with Tony’s Coffee

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No Sleep

Coffee, Vanilla Stout, 7.25%, brewed with Primer Coffee

**One-off released today in cans and draft**

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Coffee Porter

6.5%, American Style Porter, brewed with Woods Coffee

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Dog Lost Pilsner w/Ethopian Yabitu Koba Coffee

5.1%, 30 IBUs, brewed with Camber Coffee

**One-off cask released today**

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This is not the first time breweries have been teaming up with coffee shops to brew beer with. You can find Bellingahm’s breweries have collaborated for a long time with roasters like Bean Stop (Chuckanut Brewery), Tony’s Coffee (Boundary Bay), Bellingham Bay Roasters (Aslan Brewing), Maniac Coffee Roasters (Menace Brewing).

Whatever the case may be for why these breweries team up with roasters, we do hope they continue. Combing that sweet sweet bean, with that hoppy water makes for some tasty treats! Learn more about how breweries in the US are turning to coffee roasting here.