Tap Trail loves gadgets. Give them all to us. Keep innovating craft beer world and you’ll keep us happy. Pack NW, right here in Bellingham, WA has been making awesome packs and tailored pack goods right in our backyard. They make a litany of goods, including wallets, packs, totes and drop bags. But as a craft beer media company we’re drawn towards beer gadgets. Rather apropos, Pack NW offers “The Enabler.” I think the name is pretty self-descriptive, but here’s what they say about it

The Enabler solves the dilemma of how to carry a can of “ahem” root beer while cruising on your bicycle. Since every bike is different, we’ve designed it with adaptability in mind with several options for strap placement and  right or left side compatibility. One strap goes around the handlebar, and a second around either the stem or steer tube. Once you reach your destination you can remove the straps and use it as a hand-held koozie. While it fits a beer or soda can perfectly, it is also great for any other small items that you want accessible while out riding: snacks, chapstick, sunglasses, keys, etc.

We think this is a great gift idea for yourself or a friend. If you’re interested, head here to learn more.

The Enabler is pretty handy for all these new cans that are being released in Bellingham. Not that we’re telling you to do what we know you’re thinking of doing. Here’s how they describe themselves

Pack Northwest grew organically from humble roots in a Bellingham sail loft, where we’ve refined our industrial sewing chops and earned the trust of the regional sailing community. Sailors require precise, bombproof stitchwork that will withstand the rigors of the often harsh PNW marine elements. Situated in northwest WA, where big mountains and big rivers meet the sea, Bellingham’s stunning landscape is a natural playground that’s just as celebrated for its access to Mt. Baker, the North Cascades and the BC Coast Range, as it is for its world class sailing. It’s in this environment that the idea for Pack Northwest was born.