Led with the help of Janelle Pritchard, Stones Throw Brewery is raising money for the Pink Boots Society and hosting a “Big Boots Brew Day.” A team of women in the local craft beer industry have collaborated on a beer recipe and will be brewed at Stones Throw Brewery on International Women’s Day, Wednesday, March 8, 2017.

Janelle Pritchard and her team of women brewers will be brewing a Roggenstein beer, a dunkelweizen brewed with rye rather than wheat, has a greater body, and a light finishing hop. Stones Throw Brewery will release the beer on Sunday, April 23, 2017 at 5:05pm during Bellingham Beer Week.

All are encouraged to come at the end of the brew at 3pm to meet and talk with the women in local beer industry. Stones Throw Brewery is in the Fairhaven district of Bellingham, at 1009 Larrabee Ave. To further celebrate International Women’s Day, photographer Jennifer Fried will be displaying her work in the taproom that evening and the all-female Seattle-based band The Alkis will be playing at 6pm.

The Pink Boots Society has asked all participating breweries to brew an Ancient/Historical style beer which “contains styles that either have all but died out in modern times, or that were much more popular in past times.” A Roggenbier was chosen with the added method of `Steinbier,’ or stone brewing, as a tribute to the Stones Throw Brewery name and logo. The stone heating process adds a more complex flavor to the ale.

Also participating in the brewing: Janet Lightner (Boundary Bay Brewery), Jenny Schmidt (Boundary Bay Brewery), Nadine van Niekerk (Stones Throw Brewery), Molly Williamson (Stones Throw Brewery), Meagan Walker (Stones Throw Brewery), Robin Crandall (Stones Throw Brewery), Katie Johnson (Menace Brewing), Jennifer Tadder (Kulshan Brewing Company), Betty Voehl (Red Hook), Shannon Mullins (Red Hook), Mari Kemper (Chuckanut Brewery), Celina Carros (Aslan Brewery), Elle Debell (Aslan Brewery), Shanna Finnegan (Asian Brewery) and Jen Barker (home brewer).

`Big Boots Brew Day’ is an annual and worldwide brewing event created by the Pink Boots Society in an effort to take part in International Women’s Day, raise the profile of women in the beer industry and celebrate the part they have played in the industry. The Pink Boots Society was created in 2007 to assist, inspire, and encourage women beer industry professionals to advance their careers through education.


Nadine van Niekerk, Events Coordinator Stones Throw Brewery events