For a while Boundary Bay has had 9 taps. Each one pouring award winning beers to thirsty folks. Well, that’s all changed! They just added five more taps to bring their total to 14 taps. If you include their cask offerings, add two more taps for 16. No doubt the number of amazing beers that their brewers are kicking out was a major part of that decision.

They just released their annual Bootlegger Barrel series. All three beers – including previews of beers to be released in the future – showcased an evolution of taste at Boundary. Some sour, more barrels and mixed fermentation. The star of the show for me was the Bretta Whiskey Fever

We invited Brettanomyces to party with our 2015 Cabin Fever in Dry Fly Whiskey Barrels. After eight months, things got funky fresh. Bretta Whiskey Fever’s touch of wood and whiskey get down with a mellow bitterness in this totally far out brew.

With that, Boundary Bay is bringing you some serious options to their ever evolving beers. Currently, the tap list includes

  1. Citraweisse
  2. Dry Irish Stout
  3. Pilsner
  4. Safety Break ISA
  5. Best Bitter ESB
  6. Amber Ale
  7. Scotch Ale
  8. Cedar Dust IPA
  9. Inside Passage Ale
  10. Imperial Oatmeal Stout
  11. Bretta Whiskey Fever
  12. Bourbon Imperial Oatmeal Stout
  13. Imperial IPA
  14. Old Bounder

I ad lunch at Boundary today and paired their delicious Harvest Salad with their Safety Break. A most momentous lunch break, indeed. Keep track of their every changing taps here.