Me about to zip line Railroad Ave.

      Me about to zip line Railroad Ave.

Yesterday, Boundary Bay Brewery celebrated it’s 20th Anniversary on Railroad Avenue. It was a huge celebration with a zip line, kids zone, multiple beer bars, marching band, circus acts and lots of food.


The Boundary Crew on Stage Being silly

Towards the beginning of the celebration, Boundary’s General Manager and all around all star, Janet Lightner got up on a stage on Railroad with the Boundary Crew of Casey Diggs, Baylie, Madison and Owner Ed Bennett. People gathered round and she listed off all the reasons she was so happy to be in the Bellingham community (she even mentioned the Tap Trail!) Every great organization that makes Bellingham so special was listed. After some applause and laughs, Janet turned towards Ed.


Ed Bennett

After some very kind words that reflected the impact Ed has had on not only Boundary’s development, but Bellingham’s as well, the Boundary Crew unveiled this beautiful plaque that will hang outside the front door of Boundary. When the cover fell from the plaque Ed looked up with tears in his eyes and was speechless for a moment. It is a fitting testament to a community leader who’s impact extends well beyond the walls of that brewery and deep into our community.

Once Ed could speak again he reminisced on his days in craft beer that started at UC Davis where he received a degree in Brewery Science. When he was looking to open a brewery, he came across Bellingham and just kept coming back. Ed said the building on Railroad accomplished three important goals: 1) Put life into an old building 2) He wanted to be in a location where a brewery would revitalize a community 3) It allowed him to give back to the community.

When Boundary Bay came onto the scene in 1995 it started 20 years of reshaping Bellingham’s urban life. The brewery crew encouraged community and business development in our urban core with a new vigor and it quickly became the cornerstone of our city’s social life. When they added the beer garden it became an even greater asset that cultivated more culture in our little burg on the bay.

I spent my first years in the beer world at Boundary. I was going there so much that Janet just offered me a job one day about 12 years ago, while I helped move tables in the tap room for music. Boundary is a family and I was so proud to be apart of that family. Boundary changed the way I looked at my community and it was the genesis of so many of the relationships I’ve built over the years. Thanks for choosing Bellingham Ed Bennett!