2017 might be Bellingham’s year of the can. There seems to be one or two new canning releases nearly every week. Wander Brewing, Structures and Kulshan Brewing have made canning a pretty important part of their distribution strategy. Wander just released it’s Shiny Objects Double IPA. Structures’ most recent aluminum offering was Long Bright Dark. Kulshan dropped it’s skills into the lager world by canning a premium lager. All are exceptional beers. Labeling all of these local cans has interested me, so I did a write up that a while back.

Boundary Bay Brewing

Boundary, is mostly known for it’s 22oz bottles and special releases, such as its Bootlegger Series. But they stepped up to the plate today by canning 600 cases of their award winning Cedar Dust IPA. This isn’t their first canned beer. They have canned 16oz Traverse Red before.

Cedar Dust was one Tap Trail’s Best Beer of 2015 and Best IPA of 2016. So it’s kinda’ a big deal and it has big flavor to boot. The Cedar Dust is my favorite Boundary IPA.

This design is way different than anything I’ve seen from so many other craft beer cans. I love how they are shaking things up and moving away from what you might expect. This can will stick out! You can get them for $8.99 a six pack at the brewery right now and you’ll start to see them around town soon.

From Boundary Bay

16°P OG // 66 IBU // 6.5% ABV
This shining, copper glory is Cedar Dust IPA, a fresh Pacific Northwest brew from Boundary Bay Brewery! Inspiration for Cedar Dust IPA hails from Bellingham’s iconic mountain bike trail on Galbraith Mountain. Brewed with four varieties of Washington-grown hops to encapsulate the spirit of the adventurous PNW. Be bold. Be balanced. Get dusty.