You can find it at the brewery for $9.99 per six pack. Also,  Haggen Food, Co-op and more places soon!

Press Release

Boundary Bay’s summer seasonal, Citraweisse, is now available on draft and in 12 oz. cans.

Citraweisse is a kettle-soured Berliner-style weiss brewed with 100% local Skagit Valley malt. A hefty dry-hop of Citra® gives this refreshing sessionable seasonal a powerful citrusy punch.

Fermentation with German ale yeast and ‘Boundary Sourpus’ (house culture of Lactobacillus bacteria) creates the distinguishing tartness.

“When we first brewed this beer three years ago we pushed our boundaries,” General Manager Janet Lightner says. “Leaving our comfort zone allowed us to enrich our beer offerings, and continue to pursue exciting new brews.”

The utilization of ‘Copeland’,  ‘Club Wheat’, and ‘Brew Malt’ from Skagit Valley Malting, provides a natural haze that complements Citraweisse’s sharp, sour character.

“I was blown away the first time we used Skagit Valley Malting’s ‘Club Wheat’. It’s not grown for factory brewing, it’s grown for flavor.” Brewer Bryan Krueger says. “From seed to pint we’re always looking to support sustainability. This beer allows us to showcase what our local agriculture community has to offer.”

Boundary Bay Brewery is an independently owned and operated brewpub located in downtown Bellingham. Since 1995, they’ve been making handcrafted beer and fresh, local food for the Bellingham community. Boundary Bay Brewery houses a Taproom, family-friendly Bistro, and  outdoor dining with a patio and a beer garden.