Boundary Alpha King

Janet (middle), Ed to her left and Boundary Brewer Aaron Jacob Smith to Ed’s left.

In 2008 Boundary Bay Brewery submitted it’s Imperial IPA to a competition in the GABF called the Alpha King Challenge. The Alpha King Challenge is sponsored by the Hopunion

Each year, a team of brewers and veteran beer writers test the vigor of their hoppy findings and crown an Alpha King, deeming his (or her) beer to be the holy grail of well-balanced and drinkable, yet highly-hopped ales. The Alpha King Challenge is a battle of the brews!

Boundary’s Imperial IPA won the 2008 Alpha King Challenge. This year, Boundary is releasing a new recipe of this highly revered hop beast on Feb, 20th during the Washington Beer Open House. Boundary Brewer Bryan Krug says,imperial_IPA

This is the best batch I’ve had! In fact it may be the hoppiest beer Boundary has ever brewed. Unless Lost Giants* is.

Arguably their hoppiest beer to date, brewed with nearly twice as many hops (centennial, simcoe, amarillo) as last year’s batch. Boundary Brewer Aaron Jacob Smith says

Without a doubt our hoppiest Imperial ever. 86lbs of hops for a 12 barrel batch

This Imperial IPA is well-balanced with a strong malt backbone and exquisite fruity hop notes. It will be available on tap and in 22oz bottles.
STATS: 22.5°P OG // 100+ IBU // 9.9% ABV
There are only 23 cases of these bottles.
The jury is still out on whether the human palate can distinguish anything above 100IBUs, but that doesn’t mean all those hops don’t produce great flavor. I have many experiences of sipping a tulip of Boundary’s Imperial IPA. All of those memories are great. Most are foggy, but in a great way. I’m really looking forward to getting a bottle for the cellar and one to sip…and a pint. Anyone want to be my DD?

*Lost Giants is Boundary’s Imperial CDA: 23°P OG // 100+ IBU // 9.5% ABV