Photo via Kulshan Brewing

There’s been a rash (ew. wrong word?) of local beer releases lately. North Fork surprised us with their Electric Berry. Let’s not forget Structure’s releases…of everything on Wednesday. Wander just released their Barley Humbug Winter Ale. Kulshan released their annual Russian Imperial Stout. Chuckanut Brewing is tapping their Holiday Bock on 12/18. There is no dearth of fine beers this time of year. Like a quickly spreading epidemic, the Release Rash is overtaking every brewery in town.

    Poor analogy aside, we’re excited, to say the least.

Boundary Bay Brewery announced it’s Bootleggers Release. A while back we were lucky enough to try one of the offerings. Boundary brewery, Aaron Jacob Smith, walked up to our table during a meeting and poured out a delicious elixir that he had thieved from the cask, before carbonation. It. Was. Delectable.

Boundary is well known for it’s many beers offered in bomber form, Scotch, Oatmeal Stout, Imperial, IPA, et al. They are fantastic beers, especially as gifts this time of year. But it is a rare thing for Boundary to release a limited bottle like this, let alone turn it into an all out experience.

At 6pm on December 11th, in the New Mountain Room (1103 Railroa Ave, right nextdoor), Boundary will not only release the Bootlegger Series Bottles, but they are allowing the public to stop in and wax their own bottles! There are five (5!) beers in the Bootlegger Series:

  1. Cabin Fever
  2. Scotch-Style Ale
  3. Two (2) variations of Imperial Oatmeal Stout
  4. Cedar Dust IPA

All aged in Chuckanut Bay Distillery’s Hungarian oak whiskey or American oak bourbon barrels. It’s a handy partnership, considering Chuckanut Bay Distillery is all of 75ft. from Boundary’s back door. Did they just roll those barrels down the alleyway?

“Beer & spirits go hand in hand. Coincidentally, we share an alley with Chuckanut Bay Distillery,” Operations Manager, Casey Diggs says. “It’s nice to have friends/neighbors that care deeply about the craft community.”

The event is free to attend. All releases will be on tap for tasters and goblets.

  • 5 oz: $4.50
  • Flight of Five (5 – 5 oz): $20
  • 10 oz: $8

“This is a very unique opportunity to experience a different side of Boundary Bay Brewery,” Diggs says. “We’re so excited to taste and share our collection of barrel-aged beers.”

The evening also marks an exclusive opportunity to purchase wax-dipped 22 oz. bottles or caged-and-corked 750 ml. bottles. Four of the five releases will be available for purchase (Cabin Fever, Scotch-Style Ale and the two variations of Imperial Oatmeal Stout).

Live music will be performed by Gallowglass, a local music group, throughout the evening (more info: Boundary Bay Catering will be providing complimentary light appetizers.