Press Release

Due to recent environmental disturbances the Jackass Penguin, native to South Africa, is now an endangered species. Confined to the southern waters of Africa the Jackass Penguin is considered a reflection of the overall vitality of the ocean.

Jackass Penguin is an India Pale Ale with a beautiful balance of local malts and exotic hops. A deep, golden-straw color and medium-bodied IPA with a consistent bitterness and subtle complexity. Brewed with 100% local Skagit Valley Malt, including the UK origin barley, ‘Pilot’, which adds some ‘across the pond’ characteristics.

The use of the very limited South African experimental hops from ZA Hops and Calypso hops create pungent melon, mild stonefruit, crisp pear and soft floral undertones.

With the purchase of the entire crop of South African hops by a global beer monopoly it’s not likely you’ll be able to ‘enjoy’ these varieties in craft beers for much longer.

Stats: 15°P OG // 55 IBU // 7.2% ABV
Water: Lake Whatcom Watershed
Malts: Skagit Valley ‘Pilot’ | Skagit Valley Vienna | Skagit Valley Acidulated
Hops: ZA Hops ‘N1/69’ | Calypso