Some world records are more important than others. This one might be the greatest – and most generous – in history. The owners of Britain’s Box Steam Brewery spent two hours, between 12pm and 2pm, pouring 412 drinks for patrons. The record led to the emptying of 36 gallons of beer (four nine gallon casks of beer.) The event was to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday.

Doing that math though, those aren’t even full imperial pints, let alone American pints. It equals 11.1 ounces per customer, or about what you’d get if you purchased a delicious glass of Boundary’s Imperial IPA. Hey, NO one is complaining about free beer here, but they aren’t full pints.

Keep in mind that the world record  for biggest drink tab is held by Merle Haggard, when he bought 5,095 1oz drinks in 1983 for his fans. It cost him over $12,000 to buy the round

Our bar bill was not as big as Mr Haggard’s, but we think we can claim to have bought the world’s biggest round of beers, that is for sure. – Box Steam owner

(Full article at Wiltshire Times)