Get Stamped!

Arguably the best part of Tap Trail is our passport!  Carry it wherever you go and make sure to get a stamp at each of the locations shown. Once you have at least 4 stamps, head to one of our reward redemption locations and trade your stamps for some Tap Trail prizes! That being said, some say “the journey is the destination” and we couldn’t agree more. The fun you’ll have checking out each of the locations is a big reward in itself.

Pick up a Tap Trail map and passport at any of the 38 locations on our passport program and a few other hot spots downtown.

How does it work?

Collect a Passport from any of the Tap Trail Locations

Each printed map includes a blank passport ready for you to fill in the stamps.  Grab one of these and get moving!

Collect Stamps

Order a pint or something to-go at one of the locations on the map and have your server stamp your passport.  If you’re the designated driver, you get a stamp for anything you order! So far pretty easy, right?

Trade your stamps for Tap Trail Swag

Visit JUXT Taphouse on Holly Street to claim a reward for your stamp collection.  Visit our rewards page to see what’s available. We’ll close out the stamps you spend and you can keep your map and head back out to collect the rest!