The Budweiser brand of AB is fledgling. The number of people drinking their beer is dropping faster than the temperature of a glycol wrapped batch of lager. Sales have dropped by nearly $1 billion and their market share is being eaten up by craft beer. Don’t get me wrong, Bud does good things for society, but their beer isn’t doing much for anyone these days.

She Beverage Company is a new beverage company in Southern California. Their slogan is “Queen of Beers” and it has drawn the ire of Budweiser, who feels the new upstarts have created something too close to their ubiquitous slogan “King of Beers.” Budweiser has filed a notice of opposition.

Owners Lupe Rose and Sonia Shelby produce 10 beers that are directed towards women. From CBS news in LA,

“I think that they are bullying us and trying to make us afraid,” Rose said. “You know our message is for women. We feel all women are queens. That’s really where it originated from, and so we named it the queen of beer.”