Prost, to the Toast

  I can’t agree with those who advocate never drinking alone. (Or, for that matter, with those who advocate never drinking before noon. Elizabeth Station opens at 10am, after all.) But it certainly is a lot more fun to have drinking companions, not least because it allows you to participate in [...]


Bale Breaker Brewing announces Harvest Collaboration Series with four breweries

Bale Breaker Brewing just announced plans to collaborate with four different breweries this hop harvest season. “Brewers from across the country are planning trips to the hop fields of Yakima Valley for our upcoming harvest,” says Jessica Hawkins, Bale Breaker’s marketing manager. "It's the perfect time to brew with some of [...]


Tap Roundup – 7/14

Pint Points Next week Wander Brewing is releasing a collaboration with Redhook Brewing called Numbers before Names Belgian IPA. Brewed with a bunch of experimental hops. Redhook is celebrating its opening of the Capital Hill brewery in Seattle by collaborating with some of the region's breweries. They have also done a [...]


Tap Roundup – 7/7

Pint Points Boundary Bay Brewery released a very limited release bottle, as part of their Bootlegger series called Ekstatik Nostratik. It's brewed with locally harvested rhubarb, strawberries and raspberries. Than aged for two years in barrels. Only 25 cases were brewed. In case you didn't know, Tap Trail runs Bellingham Beer [...]


Tap Roundup – 5/26

Pint Points It's Ski to Sea weekend. Find the weekend's best beers here. Structures Brewing is releasing an IPA in cans today hopped with Motueka and African Queen from South Africa. Read about AB InBev's purchase of South African hops and how PNW breweries are adjusting, here. Structures is also releasing [...]


Tap Roundup – 5/12

Our email list is the first to hear about new local brewery openings, breaking news, exclusive gear deals & general craft greatness. Infrequent and always full of beer. Sign up here. Pint Points Bellingham Beer Week 2017 was straight up on point and it sounds you agree. Our poll shows ~70% of you [...]


Beer Review #69 — Oskar Blues Hotbox Coffee IPA

  Oxymorons. What are some that you know well? Cruel kindness, disgustingly delicious,  busy doing nothing. There are a few out there, but how about this one, coffee IPA. Two seemingly contradictory terms colliding in one unassuming can. Hotbox Coffee IPA comes to us courtesy of Longmont, Colorado's Oskar Blues Brewery. [...]


Beer Review #67 — Uinta Pit Stop Sour Apricot IPA

Happy Monday folks and welcome back for another Tap Trail Review. As it continues to warm, albeit slowly, I keep reaching for lighter and brighter offerings. Todays offering comes from Salt Lake City's Uinta Brewing. Back in Colorado I would find myself consistently reaching for their flagship Hop Nosh IPA, it [...]


Elizabeth Station and Structures Brewing teamup for Bottleshop Collaboration Project

  Bottleshops are the way we get exposed to so many new things and they keep our eyes on the horizon for what's new in the craft beer world. They are sort of a sudsy cornucopia for you to peruse through. Elizabeth Station is one of the region's premiere bottleshops, with [...]


Tap Trail and Elizabeth Station giving away $100 in craft beer

  Tap Trail held its first #snapsontap competition in December. It went so well, that we decided to team up with Elizabeth Station to make this a regular photo competition. Once every other month we'll be giving away a $100 gift basket of craft beer from Elizabeth Station. And you need to [...]


Elizabeth Station’s Top 2017 Hopes and Predictions

  The owner of Elizabeth Station, Patrick McEvoy, one of the region's premiere bottle shops spent the last few weeks putting together their "Top 2017 Hopes and Predictions". We wanted to compile them here for you. Tell us what you think! #11: Founders Brewing Co. This prediction is easy. 6pks just arrived [...]


Celebrate Founders Brewing coming to Washington State at Elizabeth Station

  As craft beer expands, so too does the distribution arms of some of the nation's most established breweries. Following suit, Founders Brewing is finally making its way to the Pacific Northwest in early 2017. In 2015, Founders Brewing finalised selling 30% of it's company to the Mahou San Miguel group of Spain. [...]


Snap a cool photo & win a $100 Elizabeth Station gift basket

  Hey, we're offering you a chance to win a badass hand-picked craft beer gift basket from the beer ninjas at Elizabeth Station by simply taking a photo. So here's how it works. Photos must be new (can't tag old photos.) Take as many awesome photos until 12/12 on the Tap Trail of you [...]

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