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Introducing Bellingham Cider Company

Editor's Note: With the opening of a few more cideries in 2018, Tap Trail's Passport will be open to cideries. We're excited to welcome them to this amazing craft community. ----------------------------------------------------------- There are a few things people associate with Bellingham right off the bat, whether they live here, have visited, or [...]

Introducing Bellingham Cider Company2018-10-18T13:21:14-07:00

Life before craft beer

  As the beer scene in Bellingham and Whatcom County continues to expand and defy any preconceived expectations of its growth, it’s interesting to note how many from our brewing community came to their beer making from vastly different walks of life. Most – if not all – embarked on careers [...]

Life before craft beer2018-10-18T13:21:15-07:00

Prost, to the Toast

  I can’t agree with those who advocate never drinking alone. (Or, for that matter, with those who advocate never drinking before noon. Elizabeth Station opens at 10am, after all.) But it certainly is a lot more fun to have drinking companions, not least because it allows you to participate in [...]

Prost, to the Toast2018-10-18T13:21:24-07:00
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