Pico introduces less expensive Pico C brewing appliance

Pico has recently introduced its new Model C brewing appliance, which builds on the technology created for its big brother, the Pico Model S (and its even bigger brother, the Zymatic). The company says this new machine is easier to use and more affordable. As of today (5/9/17), nearly $1.7 million [...]


Bellingham’s Pack NW Enables You with the “Enabler”

  Tap Trail loves gadgets. Give them all to us. Keep innovating craft beer world and you'll keep us happy. Pack NW, right here in Bellingham, WA has been making awesome packs and tailored pack goods right in our backyard. They make a litany of goods, including wallets, packs, totes and [...]


Beer Yoga is a thing

  Insert face palm. Craft beer has combined some interesting flavors and tastes over the years. It has inspired many a business and gadgets. A company in Germany, BierYoga, has started that combines two of our generations favorite hipster things: Beer and Yoga. According to its website, the idea is a [...]


Wander Brewing adds a coolship to its Barrel Project

Wander Brewing’s new coolship (an anglicized term from the Dutch/Flemish word, koelschip) may not be the sexiest-looking piece of equipment in the brewery, but it’s arguably the most romantic. This large, shallow and open stainless steel vessel will be used to make spontaneously fermented ales, similar to how they’re made by [...]


Instant Beer Brewing Machine a Sign of the Coming Apocalypse?

  Like the Keurig before it, this new beer gadget hopes to snuff out any hope of "craft" beer. Just add water and whammo, there you have it, beer. Beer gadgetry has done it's best to bring craft beer to the masses and the Beer Bar from Soda Stream makes getting [...]


Craft Brewery Invents First Biodegradable & Fish Friendly Six-Pack Ring

  Some gadgets are greater than other gadgets. This is one of those cases. Six-pack rings have been the poster child for humanity's consumerism and waste. Saltwater Brewery out of Florida wanted to change that, so they developed a biodegradable and fish friendly six pack ring. The R&D required them to [...]


Slovenian Town Plans to Build Public Beer Fountain

  File this under "Dreams Come True." The small town of Zalec, Slovenia has decided to build a public fountain. Sounds pretty mundane, right? Not when you consider that beer will be flowing from it instead of water! Instead of the fountain spraying beer into a bowl, like you're thinking about in your head, [...]


Holiday gift guide for the beer lover on your list

Christmas is rapidly approaching, but there’s still time to get that perfect gift for the beer lover on your list. Check out these ideas: DRINKING JACKET Hoodies are huge in the Pacific Northwest, but none of them are as functional as TV host Zane Lamprey’s Drinking Jacket (2.0), which is custom designed [...]


Thoughts on PicoBrew’s Pico beer brewing appliance

After reading Ariana’s post about the PicoBrew Pico homebrew system, I became intrigued by the machine, and I even considered purchasing one. When PicoBrew released the Zymatic in 2013, I found it interesting, but I didn’t even consider buying one because it was too expensive (roughly $2,000). PicoBrew’s recently released Pico, [...]


BrewBot Lets You Brew Beer From Your iPhone

Craft beer loves it's many many gadgets. Some gadgets bring into question whether they are in the spirit of "craft." Working with your hands, mixing and parsing out the with the ingredients is all apart of homebrewing. It's definitely not as exacting as automating things. BrewBot wants to take the craft out of craft [...]


Finally. Now we never have to buy expensive craft beer again!

This new product hit kickstarter recently and promises to provide the ability to turn any cheap beer into a "...flavorful, well-balanced, craft beer." Apparently, all you need to do is add a couple drops of this miracle potion to any low priced beer brand and get a high-priced return. Now you [...]


Gadget Claims to Make Fizzy Yellow Beer Taste Like Draft Beer

So your buddy mistakenly buys Busch Light and brings it over to your house. She shows up, you frown at her, but then you remember. You have Fizzics! This gadget will give that light yellow beer a proper craft beer foamy head. Will that foamy head play a part in making your [...]


Deschutes Brewery Builds 400ft Mobile Bar & Will Donate All Profits to Charity

West coast breweries are stretching their wings and taking their wares to other parts of the US. Breweries like Stone, Green Flash and Sierra Nevada are opening up massive breweries in Virginia and North Carolina, due to the awesome tax breaks and opportunities to reach a new market. Then there are [...]


Kegerator will text friends, tell what’s on tap, report keg levels

How do you tell how much beer is left in your keg? Do you just open your kegerator, lift and guess? This company is proposing a brand new way to manage your homebrew with it's innovative "KegSmarts." It will tell you what's in the keg, how much is left, manage your keg's [...]


World’s 1st Biodegradable Wood-Fibre Bottle

First there were bottles, than there were cans. As Tap Trailers know, cans are the new hot trend in craft beer. Now beer packaging is evolving yet again. Carlsberg is planning to produce the world's first fully biodegradable bottle. It will be made of "bio-based" materials. The bottle and cap would be wood [...]

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