Pico introduces less expensive Pico C brewing appliance

Pico has recently introduced its new Model C brewing appliance, which builds on the technology created for its big brother, the Pico Model S (and its even bigger brother, the Zymatic). The company says this new machine is easier to use and more affordable. As of today (5/9/17), nearly $1.7 million [...]

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Machine smashes glass bottles into sand in 5 seconds

  This is amazing and could be revolutionary for waste reduction in at bars and breweries that serve bottles. Every time we find a new gadget, we like it better than the last. Basically, this machine has a slot where you insert your bottle. A few seconds later, voila, sand. That [...]

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Bellingham’s Pack NW Enables You with the “Enabler”

  Tap Trail loves gadgets. Give them all to us. Keep innovating craft beer world and you'll keep us happy. Pack NW, right here in Bellingham, WA has been making awesome packs and tailored pack goods right in our backyard. They make a litany of goods, including wallets, packs, totes and [...]

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Beer Yoga is a thing

  Insert face palm. Craft beer has combined some interesting flavors and tastes over the years. It has inspired many a business and gadgets. A company in Germany, BierYoga, has started that combines two of our generations favorite hipster things: Beer and Yoga. According to its website, the idea is a [...]

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