Ferndale’s DownTime Taps to be Washington’s first self-serve taphouse

For over the last year, craft beer lovers in Ferndale have had to make the drive into Bellingham to enjoy a pint. Since Maggie’s Pub closed in early 2017, there hasn’t been a taproom in Ferndale, making it hard for some residents to justify going out, weighing the risk of drinking [...]


Beyond “Hoppy”: Describing the Flavor Range of American IPAs

  We tend to think of hops as one of the four essential ingredients in beer. But that just shows how modern we are: although people have been drinking beer for at least 5000 years, hops have only been a crucial part of the recipe since sometime in the 14th or [...]


Beer Scout Cookies

  The most glorious time of year has arrived. That’s right: it’s Girl Scout Cookie season. (Just in time for Lent! I think this year I’ll give up NOT gorging myself on Girl Scout Cookies.) It’s personal for me this year, because my very own six-year-old is peddling them. Her cuteness [...]


Introducing Bellingham Cider Company

Editor's Note: With the opening of a few more cideries in 2018, Tap Trail's Passport will be open to cideries. We're excited to welcome them to this amazing craft community. ----------------------------------------------------------- There are a few things people associate with Bellingham right off the bat, whether they live here, have visited, or [...]


Brewery Building Backstories: Fairhaven Stones Throw

This is the second installment in our series on the history behind the local brewery buildings. What story do these buildings tell? Why did these brewers choose them as the location for their own stories? Previously we learned about Bellingham’s flagship brewery, Boundary Bay. Today we head south along the bay [...]


What to know about Bellingham’s Best Beertenders

  There are a dozen qualities we look for in our search for Bellingham's Best Beertender; whether its a certain level of charm or an abundance of beer knowledge, just to name a few, your favorite beertender probably fits the frame perfectly. The beer drinkers of Bellingham have spoken this year, [...]


Camber and Wander Brewing collaborate on Autumnal Beer Dinner

Bellingham is arguably at it’s best during fall. Clear, sunny days and leaves crunching under our feet make the dropping temperature more bearable. There’s something to be said for the beginning of a season where dark beer and comfort food become a priority, and two local businesses are ringing it in [...]


Méthode Traditionnelle attempts to define a growing category of American-made, Lambic-inspired beers

An increasing number of American breweries are making beers similar to Belgian Lambics using traditional methods, such as spontaneous fermentations, turbid mashes, long boils, barrel aging, etc., along with traditional ingredients such as raw/unmalted wheat and aged hops. Some are even blending one-, two-, and three-year-old batches, similar to Belgian Gueuze [...]


Bellingham breweries win gold(s) at 2017 Great American Beer Festival

  The 2017 Great American Beer Festival came to a close yesterday with the award ceremony on Saturday. For all those fanatics that watched it on live stream or followed online, you already know what's coming. For those that didn't Bellingham represented well at this year's event. Chuckanut Brewery pulled in [...]


Farm to pint

  Sitting down for a meal and deconstructing where everything on your plate came from is something many Bellingham residents are guilty of. What can we say? We love buying locally and knowing exactly where our food is from. It’s easy to look at a plate of huevos rancheros and be [...]


5 things every beer lover should know about Oktoberfest

  Chances are good you know at least something about Oktoberfest. Even the most buzzed among us would be able to deduce that it’s some sort of German party, and of course everyone knows that its mascot is someone raising a liter-sized stein of lager, wearing either a dirndl dress or [...]


Interview with the Head Brewer of Bellingham’s Melvin Brewing

  Melvin Brewing opened up with great fanfare a few months ago. Some may not know this, but Melving Brewing Bellingham (aka Melvingham) isn't actually brewing beer yet. Melvin beer is shipped in from their Wyoming brewery and the remaining taps are supplemented by key partner breweries. BUT that's all soon [...]


Prost, to the Toast

  I can’t agree with those who advocate never drinking alone. (Or, for that matter, with those who advocate never drinking before noon. Elizabeth Station opens at 10am, after all.) But it certainly is a lot more fun to have drinking companions, not least because it allows you to participate in [...]


Aslan Brewing takes big leap forward in sustainability

  With every decision Aslan Brewing’s owners make, they ask themselves: Does this support our principles? And as you may know, one of their core principles is producing 100% organic beer, which is a challenging and expensive way to make beer. Raw ingredients are limited and difficult to source, additives that [...]


Tap Roundup – 8/11

Pint Points Washington Collaboration Fest is on August 19th. A handful of Bellingham breweries are brewing up delicious goodness for it. Check the list here. Wander Brewing is releasing Yummy Bits on 8/15, next week, in cans and on draft. Double Dry Hopped IPA, brewed with Citra Hops and Peaches. Aslan [...]


List of Bellingham brewery collaborations for Washington Collaboration Festival

  The Washington Collaboration Festival is coming on August 19th and Bellingham breweries are well represented. Brewers from Aslan, Boundary, Kulshan, Melvin and Wander are teaming up with other Washington breweries to produce some awesome brews. If some of you are wondering, "Yes, Melvin is a Bellingham brewery." David Meadows will [...]


Mid Year Report give mixed results for craft beer

  In Bellingham, craft beer is killing it. It's growing, breweries are flourishing and things are looking up. Across the US though, outside of our secluded and protected waters, craft beer isn't flowing with the same fervor. The Brewer's Association released a midway 2017 report on how craft beer is fairing. [...]


Maggie’s Pub is forced to close doors due to rent increase

Press Release I am saddened to inform you that Maggie’s Pub will be closing its doors next month. Our last day will be Saturday, August 12th. I recently received notice of a substantial increase in our rent. Unfortunately, this left us with two options; either move or close. As many of [...]



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