Landbier now on tap at Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen

Former Chuckanut brewer Kevin Davey (who is now getting ready to open Wayfinder Beer in Portland) recently collaborated with the Chuckanut brewers to make a Landbier, and it’s now on tap at Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen. When Wayfinder Beer opens this spring, it will also have Chuckanut Landbier on tap, and it will [...]


Denver’s Spangalang Brewery and North Carolina’s Fullsteam Brewery make Super Bowl beer wager

Even though the Seahawks won't be in this year's Super Bowl, here's a fun wager that will add some interest to the game: The Spangalang Brewery of Denver, CO, and the Fullsteam Brewery of Durham, NC, have entered into a wager on behalf of their respective NFL teams, the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers. The [...]


Charlie Papazian Steps down as Brewers Association President

Press Release from Brewers Association   After 37 years of service as president at the Brewers Association, Charlie Papazian will put his passion and vision for the world of beer and brewing into a new role at the Brewers Association. In January, his title shifts to founder, past president. Bob Pease, [...]


[Infographic] How Craft Beer Spread Across the US

Craft beer's meteoric rise to has been well documented here. Not just nationally, but internationally. We've covered why it's happening, what to expect and where to expect it next. We've also covered the complications that are arising from it's growth. Quartz just posted the graphic below, which shows the historical spread [...]


U.S. brewery count reaches all-time high of 4,144, plus other beer news

Dec. 2, the Brewers Association announced that as of the end of November the U.S. had reached an all-time high of 4,144 breweries, topping the historic high of 4,131 breweries in 1873. “This is a remarkable achievement, and it’s just the beginning,” said Bart Watson, chief economist for the Brewers Association. [...]


Sierra Nevada’s first German-American collaboration Oktoberfest

The last two times I spoke with my mom, she raved about Sierra Nevada’s new, special-release Oktoberfest, and she badgered me to try it. I love a well-made Oktoberfest or Festbier as much as the next beer lover, such as Chuckanut’s delicious Festbier for example, but so many breweries these days [...]


Visit the Top Breweries in the US on this Algorithmically Planned Road Trip

        Who's doing this?! Every year, Rate Beer ranks the Top 100 breweries in the world, based off of their beer ratings. This year, 72 of those exist in the US. Allagash Brewing Company used an algorithm to develop a road trip to all 72 of those breweries. [...]


AB InBev Under Investigation by US Justice Dept for Trying to Curb Craft Beer Distribution

We've talked about this before and perhaps we are starting to see some fears come to realization, or at least realized into a legal battle. Here are some excerpts from the Reuters story that they broke in the past hour. Take this story into account with the fact that AB InBev is [...]


How Bellingham’s Breweries Are Keeping up with National Trends

The Great American Beer Festival was a roaring success. So many beers. So. Many. Beers. Bellingham's breweries represented well and took home some awards. But we should come to expect that. Our breweries are producing with the best. They're producing beers that are keeping up with national trends and tastes. According [...]


The New Belgium Brewery Expansion Looks More Like Silicon Valley

Craft breweries are expanding both reach of distribution and even moving their entire breweries across country, or even across oceans. Craft beer is getting bigger and bigger. One of the biggest, New Belgium is taking things a step further with their new $7 million expansion. As reported by the Coloradan, NB is [...]


Bellingham Breweries Among Best At Great American Beer Festival

The biggest baddest beer festival of them all finished up on Saturday. The Great American Beer Festival showcased nearly 1,000 breweries and brought in 60,000 craft beer fans to Denver Colorado. After all the awards were announced, Washington State fared very well, bringing home 13 medals in all. Not every brewery [...]


Built to Sell?: Anheuser Busch Acquires Another Craft Brewery

This is happening so often that it's kinda expected. Regardless, Golden Road Brewery of Los Angeles has been bought by Anheuser Busch. It is lesser known to some in the PNW, but it is the largest craft brewery in Los Angeles and is found in 4,000 retail locations and is projected [...]


Brewers Association Chief Economist Tweets GABF Stats

Bart Watson has been a vocal and prominent figure within the Brewers Association. He's been using stats for the good of promoting the craft beer boom. He's particularly fond of talking about the huge influx of breweries and those that are yet to be built. The Great American Beer Festival starts [...]


Philadelphia Breweries Brew Pope Inspired Beers

Pope Francis, the 266th Catholic pontif, is visiting the US for the first time. Francis will be visiting cities like New York and Philadelphia. Philadelphia breweries have stepped up to the holy pint and are deciding to brew special beers to honor/capitalize on the visit. Here's a list of the beers that [...]


World’s Two Largest Breweries in Talks to Merge into MegaBrew Company

AB InBev, the world's largest brewer, has approached SABMiller with the intent of buying the world's second largest brewery. It would be an unprecedented merger for the beer industry and it would control about half of the world's beer profit and form what one analyst called a "megabrew" company. SABMiller's American company MillerCoors, which recently [...]


Greg Koch Resignation Continues Changing of Guard in Craft Community

Greg Koch   I remember emailing Stone Brewing maybe 10 years ago to applaud them for their amazingly colorful writing that I found on the back of their Arrogant Bastard Ale. They emailed back and, for the life of me I can't find that email. It wasn't a PR person, it was [...]


Breaking Down the Numbers Behind the Craft Beer Buyouts

UPDATED: Numbers now reflect revenue from kegs, as opposed to barrels. The last 12 months has seen exciting growth and upheaval in the craft beer community. It wasn't just the craft beer boom that stole headlines, but legal battles and craft beer acquisitions. Over the past month, there have been a few [...]


Oktoberfest! The Munich event, the beer style, Chuckanut’s upcoming event

Oktoberfest in Munich Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, runs from the second-to-last Saturday in September through the first Sunday in October. It began more than 200 years ago as a wedding reception – featuring a horse race – after the Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig married Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. Over time, the [...]


Budweiser Disputes Beer Company’s “Queen of Beers” Slogan

The Budweiser brand of AB is fledgling. The number of people drinking their beer is dropping faster than the temperature of a glycol wrapped batch of lager. Sales have dropped by nearly $1 billion and their market share is being eaten up by craft beer. Don't get me wrong, Bud does good [...]


Portland man visits 77 breweries in one day

On Saturday, Aug. 15 (2015), John Lovegrove of Portland, Oregon, along with beer writer Brian Yaeger and a film crew, completed the “Spirit of 77 Breweries Challenge” by visiting 77 Portland-area breweries within a 24-hour period. This broke Lovegrove’s 2012 record of visiting 50 breweries in one day, and it more [...]


Deschutes Unveils New Packaging and Expands Territory

Research shows that labels matter! Deschutes has been really spreading it's wings by doing things like building a 400ft portable bar and taking it on an 8 city tour to spread the word of Deschutes Brewing. So, why the change? Jeff Billingsley of Deschutes Brewing says, "As the craft beer segment continues [...]


Goose Island Announces 2015 Bourbon County Releases

One of the most sought after annual releases, Goose Island's Bourbon County series, has been announced. Esquire says that 10% more Bourbon County will enter the market this year and the bottles are changing size The old 12- and 22-ounce bottles (as well as four-packs) have been scrapped in favor of [...]

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