Bud Light and Budweiser Sales Fall Nearly $1 Billion

The Brewers Association announced very strong sales for the first half of 2015. Craft beer continues to grow. The undisputed King of Beers, Budweiser and it's little cousin Bud Light,  have shown waning sales these past years, but this recent report is one of their biggest to date. Wall Street Journal reports [...]


US on Track to Surpass Record Number of Craft Breweries

The Brewers Association released strong growth numbers for the first half of 2015. As of June 30th, there were 3,739 breweries in operation and 1,755 breweries in planning. The numbers also showed that craft breweries employ 115,469 full time and part time workers. This is continued strong growth from the numbers released [...]


Seattle Has 2nd Highest Percentage of Craft Beer Drinkers

Bellingham was recently ranked as the snobbiest beer city in the US. We'll take it. Nielsen just released a report that shows Seattle is second only to Portland in the percentage of craft beer drinkers in the beer market. Seattle craft beer drinkers make up 38% of the total beer market [...]


Firestone Walker’s Internal Memo and FAQ Regarding the Buyout

The New School has the first interview with Firestone Walker co-founder David Walker following their recent acquisition by Duvel. Head on over there and read it now! Than read the internal memo from Firestone Walker below that Ezra from The New School was gracious enough to let us share with you [...]


Pabst Blue Ribbon Returns to Milwaukee, Will Rainier Return to Seattle?

All things return from whence they came. Beer is no different and Pabst Blue Ribbon's recent move is a testament to this axiom. After years of brewing in various locations throughout the US and having it's headquarters in Los Angeles, Pabst Blue Ribbon will be returning to Milwaukee, where it began [...]


Finally. Now we never have to buy expensive craft beer again!

This new product hit kickstarter recently and promises to provide the ability to turn any cheap beer into a "...flavorful, well-balanced, craft beer." Apparently, all you need to do is add a couple drops of this miracle potion to any low priced beer brand and get a high-priced return. Now you [...]


World’s Smartest Computer says Florida Has Best Breweries

IBM's Watson computer is, arguably, one of the two smartest computers in the world. The computer is a super smart computer capable of answering most any question asked in plain language. It has access to 4 terabytes of information from all over the world's databases. It beat everybody at Jeopardy has [...]


Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act

Craft beer is big business and when something becomes big business it demands a certain level of legislative attention. Earlier this year the Small BREW Act and the Fair BEER Act were proposed from different sectors of the industry. Recently, the Brewers Association hired it's first lobbyist. Oregon's Senator Ron Wyden is co-chair [...]


Brewers Association Appoints European Ambassador

The craft beer buzz is a worldwide phenomena. American craft beer production is up and their exports are up. We're even seeing big players like Stone Brewing Co. plan to open international breweries in places like Berlin. In comes the Brewers Association with plans to capitalize and reinforce on the momentum [...]


Vancouver BC 4th Most Craft Beer Drinkers in Canada

Canada has craft beer brewing chops. Just look towards the highly touted Four Winds Brewing, right across the border and the numerable internationally recognized breweries in and around Vancouver BC. Vancouver will have upwards of 25 breweries in the coming months with more on the way. But for all their amazing beers Vancouver [...]


Savor: An American Craft Beer and Food Experience

Inside the National Building Museum Last weekend on, June 5th and 6th, The Brewers Association got swanky. They held the 8th Annual Savor: An American Craft Beer and Food Experience. This year's event was held at the National Building Museum in Washington DC. Tickets ranged were $135. For $155 participants [...]


On Trappist beer … and the newest Trappist brewery

May 2015, the International Trappist Association (ITA) approved the eleventh Trappist monastery brewery, Tre Fontane in Rome, Italy. There are now six Trappist breweries in Belgium (Rochefort, Westmalle, Westvleteren, Chimay, Orval, and Achel), two in the Netherlands, aka Holland (La Trappe/Koningshoeven and De Kievit/Maria Toevlucht of Zundert), one in Austria (Gregorius [...]


US Senate Recognizes American Craft Beer Week

American Craft Beer Week was May 11-17th and offered all of Craftbeerdom the auspicious occasion to celebrate...craft beer. The same thing we do every happy hour, weekend, BBQ and the occasional lunch. Hey, I'm not complaining it just seemed a little redundant to me. From our friends over at Craftbeer.com reported [...]


Budweiser Stops Canning Beer to Can Water For Texas Flood Victims

Budweiser gets a lot of crap from the craft beer world. Some of that criticism they brought on themselves by handing out their own mocking of craft beer. Their watered down rice and corn based brew is scoffed at, made fun of and mocked across the board for being Big Beer [...]


America’s First Craft Brewery Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Some say the craft brewing renaissance started in the past 10 years. Some say it was the late 1990s. Some say it really started after Jimmy Carter enacted legislation legalizing broader craft brewing in the late 1970s. Some say it started with Anchor Steam Brewing Company was founded in 1965. They [...]


Sweden’s Gypsy Brewers Combining Art and Craft Beer

The worldwide craft beer boom has brought us some very exciting and innovative beers and breweries. Sweden's Omnipollo (meaning "Omnipotent Chicken") is no different. These gypsy brewers started in 2011 and have been combining art and beer to "recontextualize" what craft beer is, in the hopes of broadening tastes. They have [...]


Bellingham on Track to Have Double the Breweries Per Capita of Seattle

Bellingham is on track to have 12 breweries by somewhere around February 2016. We have a population of 80,000. That means we'll have 1 brewery for every 6,700 people. Aslan Brewing Company Boundary Bay Brewing Chuckanut Brewing Gruff Brewing - (Summer 2015) Kulshan Brewing Kulshan Brewing #2 (K2) - (June 2015) Menace Brewing North [...]


SABMiller to Buy London Based MeanTime Craft Brewery

Big Beer continues to make purchases and they don't stop in the US. Anheuser/InBev has made some notable purchases in the US recently, but, as we've stated many times before, the craft beer craze is international, making craft breweries everywhere of higher interest to larger breweries. According to Meantime Brewing's owner [...]


How 21st Amendment Increased Sales with Better Marketing

21st Amendment kicks out some pretty awesome beers, from Brew Free or Die, to Sneak Attack, to Hell or High Watermelon and beyond. Recently their sales of "Bitter American" were dropping, so they changed the name to "Down to Earth Session IPA", changed up the packaging and kept the monkey. On our most recent [...]


Craft Beer Has Little to No Impact on California’s Drought

A little while ago we reported that craft beer used, comparatively, very little water to other drinks. Considering California is going through a disastrous drought, considering where water goes is a good thing. Craft Beer adds $6.5 billion to the California economy. Not surprising considering the amazing breweries there. There were 554 [...]


Japanese Craft Brewers Are Changing Tastes

Let's not get too caught up in our Tap Trail bubble! While it seems brewery, after brewery, after brewery...after brewery are being announced in Bellingham, craft beer is exploding in countries across the globe as well. Australia, for example, has, by some measurements, a stronger craft beer scene the US - Craft beer in [...]


Deschutes Brewery Builds 400ft Mobile Bar & Will Donate All Profits to Charity

West coast breweries are stretching their wings and taking their wares to other parts of the US. Breweries like Stone, Green Flash and Sierra Nevada are opening up massive breweries in Virginia and North Carolina, due to the awesome tax breaks and opportunities to reach a new market. Then there are [...]


Some thoughts on Nepal (and beer in Nepal)

As you probably know, on Saturday, April 25, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake devastated Nepal. It was the worst quake in the region in more than 80 years. A 7.8 quake would be devastating anywhere in the world, but Nepal is especially vulnerable because it’s a mountainous country with widespread poverty, dilapidated roads, [...]


Interview with New Belgium’s Co-Founder Kim Jordan

Is it a bubble or is this just expansion? Either way, whatever craft beer is doing, it's doing it right. 3,500 breweries with 2,000 more planned to be built. At this rate, the US will sky rocket well past it's heyday of the 1880's. Some breweries are worried it's a bubble, but most are [...]


Boundary Bay Brewery and Wander Brewing Raise Money for Nepal

UPDATE: Foundation Restoration, who provides many of the anti-microbial, anti slip and high performance coating floors to Bellingham breweries, has agreed to donate $1.00 for ever beer sold today at Wander Brewing. From the owner Matt Shaver It has always been a desire as a company to give when we can. [...]



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