Interview with Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project

Patrick McEvoy, our Bottle Editor, recently got to interview the good folks at renowned Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project out of Denver, Colorado. Their beer is heading our way and this is great news for Bellingham. Look for it soon at Elizabeth Station! Here's the full interview: The only people I know [...]


Key Statistics from 2015 Craft Beer Conference

The 32nd Annual Craft Beer Conference and BrewExpo wrapped up last week in Portland. The basic takeaways are that the craft beer industry is booming. Over 3,200 breweries, but the following statistics from Craft Brewing Business take an even deeper and more telling look at the current craft beer boom. One of [...]


Craft Breweries Troll Budweiser & Brew Pumpkin Peach Beers

Budweiser isn't fussy and they are proud of it. They let that be known during this year's Super Bowl. There was so much backlash from the surging craft beer community that the commercial not only fell on deaf ears, but was tone deaf to what beer drinkers truly wanted: Fussy beers. [...]


[InfoGraphic] The Australian Craft Beer Revolution

For those of you unawares, the craft beer revolution isn't just happening in the US. It's happening all over the world. Australia's craft beer revolution is, in some ways, more explosive than the United States'. Craft beer in Australia accounts for 30% of the AUD $10 billion Australian beer market. In the [...]


New Belgium Brewing Collaborating with Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream to Brew ‘Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale’

This is pretty self explanatory. The folks at New Belgium Brewing are teaming up with Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, the masters of expanding the boundaries of ice cream, and will be brewing a Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale, available in 22oz Fall 2015. It will be 6.3%. From our friends at [...]


Elysian Brewing’s Dick Cantwell Resigns From InBev

Anheuser Busch bought Elysian Brewing in a high profile acquisition a few months back. Many were upset. You could see the discontent start to swell up with Dick Cantwell after the Super Bowl commercial. Cantwell was one of the founding members of Elysian Brewing. Last night he sent this email out: [...]


How Bellingham Inspired a World Class Career in Craft Beer

The good folks at Chuckanut Brewery had a great idea: Team up with Jason Oliver, BrewMaster of Devils Backbone Brewing Company of Virginia, for a collaboration brew of epic goodness. The owner of Chuckanut, Mari Kemper, invited me down to Chuckanut for brew day and I got to know Jason. Turns out it [...]


Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo Begins in Portland

The Craft Brewers Conference runs from April 14th - April 17th in Portland, Oregon. This is no small affair, as you can see from this photos of last year's conference in Denver, Colorado. There will be over 15,000 attendees, 575 businesses, and 16o presenters. Portland last hosted the conference in 2001, [...]


Brewers Association Releases 2015 Style Guidelines

Every year Brewers Association releases amendments and changes to their ever evolving Style Guidelines. Some styles are altered, some are added and some are removed altogether. These guidelines help BJCP judges and experts discern and categorize styles. This year there were 600 changes made. The most notable changes were: Category Additions: Added [...]


Chief Economist of Brewers Association Sees More Growth

Thanks to deregulation back in the late 1970s craft beer has become an economic force in many world economies.  There are so many fads in the world economy, but craft beer doesn't seem to be one of those. Just how much growth can we expect? Bart Watson, the Chief Economist for the [...]


Seattle Brewery Received Cease and Desist for Beer name

Peddler Brewing Company of Seattle, WA has received a cease and desist from the Lost Coast Brewery of California for their previously named Tangerine Wheat. Peddler changed the name to Tangerine Hefeweizen as a result. The issue with naming rights and copyright is well documented by us. Here's the story from [...]


The Best Craft Breweries in America – The Finals

Thrillist is down to the Championship in it's "Best Craft Brewery in America" competition. Tap Trail's own Chuckanut Brewery had a hard first round against Russian River. What do you think of how this bracket has panned out? In my own geographical bias, I'm impressed no PNW, or West Coast breweries [...]


Craft Brewing Reaches Record High Market Share

Some broken records sound good! Craft. Beer. Is. Blowing. UP. The Brewer's Association announced today the craft beer has officially reached it's largest market share, 11%. Let's look at some more numbers from the press release to get a better idea of how big that is. In 2014, craft brewers produced [...]


Full Sail Brewing Has Been Sold, No Longer “Independent.”

A bit ago,we reported on the vote within Full Sail Brewery to sell to a private equity firm. The vote has gone through and it's official, they will be selling. Full Sail is no longer Independently owned according to New School Beer It’s the end of an era as Full Sail [...]


Sweden’s First Beer Made by Women Goes on Sale

Some women have been patronized by being told they can't "handle" bigger beers. They are then steered towards lighter fare in an attempt to preserve their "delicate palates." A group of women in Sweden have had enough of this talk. They banded together and brewed the "We Can Do It" pale ale. [...]


Ninkasi Brewing Company’s “Brewed the Easy Way” Parody Video

Since the infamous Budweiser commercial hit the airwaves during the Super Bowl, craft beer seemed to gain even more momentum. The owners of Elysian, recently bought by Budweiser's parent company, InBev, responded and they weren't too happy either. Ninkasi Brewing Company responded with it's own parody of the Budweiser commercial. In the [...]


Elysian Co-Founder Not Happy With InBev and Budweiser

As you know by now Budweiser took a pretty hefty jab at craft brewing with it's Super Bowl ad. The irony, as many have pointed out, is that InBev has acquired some pretty prominent craft beer companies in the last 6 months, including Elysian Brewing out of Seattle. The Chicago Tribune [...]


Craft Beer Hurting Wine Sales

We all know craft beer is doing well. REAL well.  So well that a panel of wine experts at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium noted that sales of lower priced wines are losing out to craft beer and cider. They say that it is lower priced wines (under $7) that [...]


World’s 1st Biodegradable Wood-Fibre Bottle

First there were bottles, than there were cans. As Tap Trailers know, cans are the new hot trend in craft beer. Now beer packaging is evolving yet again. Carlsberg is planning to produce the world's first fully biodegradable bottle. It will be made of "bio-based" materials. The bottle and cap would be wood [...]


Big Beer Struggling to fit in Craft Beer Market

Craft beer makes up 75% of the $100 billion US beer market. That is a huge percentage, but it is slipping. Craft beer captured $14.3 billion of that market. The US Congress is excited about the burgeoning market. They have developed the Small BREW Act and hope to pass it, giving further support [...]


Sierra Nevada Brewery Founder is now a Billionaire

Ken Grossman, owner of Sierra Nevada Brewing, is now a billionaire, according to Bloomberg's Billionaires Index. “It’s been a pretty phenomenal last 30 years for the American craft beer industry,” said Grossman in a July interview at his Chico, California, headquarters. He’s gone from storing beer in his grandmother’s fridge to [...]


Study Finds Craft Beer is Better for US Agriculture Than Big Beer

Apparently, craft beer is better for farmers and US agriculture than that 30 bomb of Busch Light you're considering buying. A new study by the USDA shows that craft beer uses 3-7 times as much barley per barrel than Big Beer. So craft beer is better for the backbone of the [...]


The End of the Bartender and the Spread of Automated Taps

As is happening across society, things are becoming more automated and individualized. Imagine rolling into The Copper Hog, the bar is gone and along the wall are all taps with a few lines of your friends talking and pouring their own pints. Logan, the current bartender at The Copper Hog, wouldn't [...]


Anheuser-Busch and InBev Join Beer Delivery Market

Big Beer keeps trying reverse market trends. Microbreweries, while still far from the market share of the Big Boys, has chipped away at their once prominent market position. The most significant change in market has been in the buying habits of customers in their 20's and 30's. In an attempt to reverse [...]


Brewery in Iceland to make Whale Testicle Beer

Breweries are always coming up with ways to push the boundaries of beer making. Sometimes with tragic results. A brewery in Iceland is smoking the testicles of the 2nd largest living (88ft) mammal - not to mention endangered - fin whale, to flavor its beer. Not surprisingly, conservation groups are up [...]


Has Beer “Made It?”

Current Cover of the New Yorker The cover story reports that a Brooklyn restaurant became the first "beer focused" eatery to receive a Michelin Star. Yes, if you've watched Top Chef you'll be aware the Michelin Star is the preeminent label of excellence in the restaurant world. The question is, "Has [...]



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