Support the Whatcom Humane Society Animal Shelter and Wildlife Rescue Center at North Fork

The North Fork Beer Shrine and Brewery have always had a long standing relationship with the Whatcom Humane Society. From participating in auctions to donating free pizzas to anyone who adopts a black cat, almost all their fundraising efforts go towards supporting the Humane Society. This Friday will be your chance [...]

Support the Whatcom Humane Society Animal Shelter and Wildlife Rescue Center at North Fork2018-10-18T13:24:40-07:00

Beer Review #17 — Reuben’s Brews Robust Porter

Happy beer week to everyone! It has been a blast thus far, with great events all over town. Chuckanut had a wonderful Oktoberfest on Saturday, and there has been ridiculously great beers flowing all over town. I wanted to share a review from a brewery that will be featured tonight @ Elizabeth [...]

Beer Review #17 — Reuben’s Brews Robust Porter2018-10-18T13:27:30-07:00

Bellingham Beer Lab Well On Its Way

In case you don’t recall, back in July, a Kickstarter project was formed for The Bellingham Beer Lab. This Beer Lab would be an entirely cooperative non-profit brewery, recruiting homebrewers to come in, brew something great and donate 100% of the profits earned to a charity of their choice. After a month’s time [...]

Bellingham Beer Lab Well On Its Way2018-10-18T13:27:33-07:00

Boundary Bay Picks 350lbs of Hops for 20th Anniversary Beer

Ed and Janet from Boundary Bay Brewery headed to Virgil Gamache Farms and helped pick 350lbs of hops for they're upcoming 20th Anniversary Fresh Hop Pale. Virgil Gamache Farms is where the Amarillo hop was created! Boundary is using about 275-350lbs for wet hopping and Dry hopping - All fresh whole-cone Amarillo. The [...]

Boundary Bay Picks 350lbs of Hops for 20th Anniversary Beer2018-10-18T13:27:35-07:00

Building a Brew Deck

Katie Johnson, creator of Bellingham Brew Deck. The first thing I noticed when I sat down with a bottle of Ale Apothecary's Sahalie and Breakside's Passion Fruit Sour Ale, is that Katie Johnson's beer palate is more attuned than mine. My palate isn't much to speak of, so the gap [...]

Building a Brew Deck2018-10-18T13:27:35-07:00

Attention All Indecisive Beer Drinkers

Correction - 3:00pm: The highly scientific process overlooked the fact that you can't bring kids into K2. You can ignore that and bring your kids if you want, but it probably won't work since it's illegal and stuff. ----------------------------------- So you want to grab a pint at one of Bellingham's local craft [...]

Attention All Indecisive Beer Drinkers2018-10-18T13:27:35-07:00

Elizabeth Station SourFest Preview!

Bellingham Beer Week is fast approaching, celebrated here from September 11th through the 20th, it is chock full of fantastic events (we'll highlight some of these in the upcoming days), but the main attraction, the culminating event, the capstone course, is Elizabeth Station's SourFest. It will cap off beer week, hosted [...]

Elizabeth Station SourFest Preview!2018-10-18T13:27:35-07:00

Green Frog Tavern to Host Selkirk Abbey Brewing

The Green Frog's tap list touts some serious heavy hitters. Recently they've had a few taps for renowned Selkirk Abbey Brewing Company. Selkirk makes some of the best Belgian inspired beers out there. Selkirk opened in 2012 and has been pushing out sought after beers such as the the Selkirk Infidel, which [...]

Green Frog Tavern to Host Selkirk Abbey Brewing2018-10-18T13:27:36-07:00

Vote for The Best Beer Bar in Washington State

The Tap Trail is full of not only an incredibly diverse selection of breweries, it also is home to some top notch craft beer bars. Elizabeth Station, The Local Public House, McKay's Taphouse, Uisce, Hops and Headz, Archer Ale House, Green Frog and Schweinhaus all bring a unique element to Bellingham's craft [...]

Vote for The Best Beer Bar in Washington State2015-08-24T12:59:34-07:00

Easy Going Wander Brew Hall

Over the past year or so, Bellingham’s beer community has grown exponentially. More and more breweries are getting announced, some are expanding, and now Bellingham even hosts a non-profit brewery! With a growing trend of making places “cool” and “hip,” it can be a breath of fresh air to have somewhere [...]

Easy Going Wander Brew Hall2018-10-18T13:27:36-07:00

Stuck In a Rut? Spice Up Your Beer Life With North Fork Beer Shrine

If you've ever driven to Mt. Baker, you’ve most likely passed North Fork Beer Shrine on the way. Located between mile markers 20 and 21, North Fork Brewery is tucked away on Mount Baker Highway in Deming, Washington, a solid 45 minute drive from Bellingham. With its inconvenient location, North Fork [...]

Stuck In a Rut? Spice Up Your Beer Life With North Fork Beer Shrine2018-10-18T13:27:37-07:00

Kulshan Brewing (K2)

The most recent brewery opening in Bellingham, K2 is Kulshan Brewing's second location and the work-horse for their production styles.   The bar is pretty impressive and they have enough taps to keep you busy for quite a while. [tabs_head] [tab_title] Address [/tab_title] [tab_title] Hours [/tab_title] [tab_title] Brewer Bio [/tab_title] [/tabs_head] [tab] 1538 [...]

Kulshan Brewing (K2)2018-10-18T13:28:16-07:00
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